The Trick

Tucker is all like, “But why is Biden proposing free healthcare for illegal immigrants when even the socialist Bernie isn’t?”

Because Biden is a sincere and open neoliberal, that’s why. It’s a neoliberal trick. You make sure welfare fails and then happily exclaim, “Sorry, we tried, but it just doesn’t work.”


Kavanaugh joined the struggle against Apple’s monopolistic practices. And Gorsuch, who didn’t get any of the pushback from liberals that Kavanaugh did, took Apple’s side.

Reality Exists

At this point, both of the most establishment, conservative candidates on the Democrat side, Biden and Harris, said they want state-funded health insurance for illegal immigrants. Harris is to the left of Biden’s, so she also supports every other benefit being extended to people in the country illegally.

This means there is absolutely no reason for anybody anywhere in the world not to show up and demand treatment. And of course, some living expenses while they get treated.

But pointing out that this will destroy the last remaining shreds of the welfare system is a heresy, so let’s pretend reality isn’t happening.

Last week, a scholar was banned on Twitter for expressing the scientific view that gender dysphoria is a mental disorder. It’s part of the same trend rooted in a complete denial of the inconvenient reality. Twitter caved and unbanned him in the end because it’s in the DSM. But just wait, tomorrow the DSM will be scrubbed, and the guy will be unpersonned for good.

There is a million things like this. People are outraged that reality exists.