Reality Exists

At this point, both of the most establishment, conservative candidates on the Democrat side, Biden and Harris, said they want state-funded health insurance for illegal immigrants. Harris is to the left of Biden’s, so she also supports every other benefit being extended to people in the country illegally.

This means there is absolutely no reason for anybody anywhere in the world not to show up and demand treatment. And of course, some living expenses while they get treated.

But pointing out that this will destroy the last remaining shreds of the welfare system is a heresy, so let’s pretend reality isn’t happening.

Last week, a scholar was banned on Twitter for expressing the scientific view that gender dysphoria is a mental disorder. It’s part of the same trend rooted in a complete denial of the inconvenient reality. Twitter caved and unbanned him in the end because it’s in the DSM. But just wait, tomorrow the DSM will be scrubbed, and the guy will be unpersonned for good.

There is a million things like this. People are outraged that reality exists.

19 thoughts on “Reality Exists”

  1. I have just finished reading Masha Gessen’s “Dead Again: The Russian Intelligentsia After Communism.” Have you read it?

    Among other things, she describes the situation in South Ossetia when FSU academics went into politics en mass. It is in Chapter 8 “The Governors.”


  2. “But just wait, tomorrow the DSM will be scrubbed.”

    You’re correct that the supposedly science-based DSM is very sensitive to political/social pressure. When I was a psychiatric resident back in the early 1970s, the classification “homosexuality” was removed from the DSM’s list of “sexual disorders” purely because of intense aggressive public pressure from gay activists. In more recent years, the DSM has also removed several mental disorders that it had associated with menstruation because of protests from feminist groups.

    Like the U.S, Constitution, the ever-changing DSM is a “living document.”


  3. Gorgot to mention that Masha Gessen’s “Dead Again” also includes a chapter on then-famous feminists and her theory why Russian male human rights activists chose them as the only group to ridicule.

    The last parts include the supposedly valueless new intelligentsia and rebels.


    1. “Sorry to say I have to scratch Joe Biden off my list of Democratic candidates I might support.”

      Ah, Editor (Retired), a wise, principled decision for an honest, liberal Democrat! I encourage all readers of Clarissa’s website to reject the faux-progressive Biden, who will say whatever is necessary to win the primary, but then run straight to the center in the general election, and ultimately go down in flames against Trump just like his neoliberal twin Hillary.

      Stick to your true progressive values, and support Bernie or Warren all the way to victory in 2020!


      1. Why is this necessary to win the primary, though? I’ve never heard even the flakiest leftie snowflakes demand (more) free healthcare for illegal immigrants. Or any immigrants. This is not even on the list of the loony part of the base.


      2. Possibly a slight exaggeration to say that Hillary went down in flames against Trump, in view of the mathematics that she won a majority of the votes. Obviously, Mr. Trump won the electoral college, and that’s what’s important. However, it hardly amounts to a landslide victory for Trump, or a down in flames loss for Hillary.


          1. I can’t really imagine a Trump landslide. His negatives are too great, his base of supporters is no more than 40%, and a significant portion of the voters, probably 40% or more, are either terrified of Trump, or loath him. He just barely won, in the electoral college only, in 2016. His record as president has solidified his base, but done nothing to win over other voters. Everything depends on whom the Democrats finally nominate, and that’s more than a year in the future. Impossible to make any reliable predictions until October 2020.


  4. FSU immigrant to Israel presents in her paintings both FSU and Israeli realities:

    Советское детство. В современном искусстве. А так бывает? Да, причем хорошо!

    I found this painting I liked as lifelike:


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