The Trick

Tucker is all like, “But why is Biden proposing free healthcare for illegal immigrants when even the socialist Bernie isn’t?”

Because Biden is a sincere and open neoliberal, that’s why. It’s a neoliberal trick. You make sure welfare fails and then happily exclaim, “Sorry, we tried, but it just doesn’t work.”


3 thoughts on “The Trick”

    1. OK, more bad news, got it. 😦

      What are they thinking? These proposals are idiotic and unpopular. Voters clearly don’t want this. Why, why are they sabotaging themselves like this?

      All Trump needs to do at the debates is to get the Democratic nominee to declare support for free healthcare for illegal immigrants.

      I don’t get it. On the eve of a crucial election, they are coming out with a proposal that even the radical wing isn’t demanding. Add this to reparations (another deeply unpopular measure), and I’ve got to wonder, are they trying to lose?


      1. With Bernie’s bill, I wonder if it was just written unclearly. The language isn’t clear and Washinton Examiner has a right wing bias. Still, any good bill would have language explicitly exclusing illegal immigrants from eligibility.


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