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Folks, Micah Mattix is a guy who sends emails with the best links ever. It’s a small number of links in every newsletter but they are always superb. Do subscribe, he’s amazing.

Here is a small excerpt from the most recent newsletter where Mattix links a story of a failed academic who visits the MLA:

The problem with the discipline is not just the language English professors have adopted over the past fifty years, it’s the view that literary works are mere tools in a power struggle between individuals and groups in a society. The discipline replaced literature with politics long ago, and so it should come as no surprise that literature is seen by politicians and others as superfluous.

Good, eh?


14 thoughts on “Best Link Encyclopedia”

  1. Why does he not publish links in open access but demands subscription? Does it cost money?

    I am a bit paranoid about giving my all-purposes single email to unknown people.


  2. Haven’t known Russians have “anti-missionary” laws. Thought only in Israel such (much stricter than in Russia, I am sure) laws exist.

    Russian Evangelicals Penalized Most Under Anti-Evangelism Law
    The tight restrictions on minority faiths have increasingly gotten Protestants in trouble and continue to raise concerns over religious freedom.

    The first link in the article above leads to:

    “Russia Bans Jehovah’s Witnesses as Extremists
    High court ruling puts pacifist faith in same category as terrorists.”

    I remember Jehovah’s Witnesses in Ukraine being the only religious people of any religion my grandmother talked with several times. They brought books and I really loved the picture of a small golden-haired child with a fawn and other animals, probably in some Garden of Eden.


    1. Yes, they are cracking down on protestant missionaries to promote Orthodoxy. Problem is, Orthodoxy is hard to practice, and the lure of the consumerist protestantism is huge in Russia.

      Curiously, it’s the exact opposite in the US. The flight of evangelicals and Catholics to the orthodox faith is significant. At my small parish, a full third of congregants came to Orthodoxy after abandoning protestantism. All of a sudden, I’m considered a big cheese because it’s my “ancestral faith.”


      1. // Yes, they are cracking down on protestant missionaries to promote Orthodoxy. Problem is, Orthodoxy is hard to practice

        Problem is Russian authorities are doing everything to make organized-by-Putin religion as hateful to any normal citizen with self-respect as possible. Which, as an atheist, I see as the only good thing to come out of this horrible situation:

        I know you are a religious person, but what Putin and church in Russia do is not religion in my eyes.


        1. You are telling me? The Russian Orthodox Church is a criminal organization.

          My priest, Father Andrew, originally trained at the Московский Патриархат back in the 1970s. He almost immediately noticed that all the priests were collaborating with the KGB and left. Now he’s with the Bulgarian diocese supervised by Archbishop Alexander Golitzin. The Archbishop has a PhD from Oxford, by the way.

          This is a long way of saying that I’d never associate with the ROC until they do serious penance for their crimes of the last 100 years.


  3. Wanted to remind that this year’s 64th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel, and this evening we will have Semi-final 1 . 🙂

    From the beginning of the week, which is Sunday 12.05 in Israel, Tel Aviv started hosting delegations and every day and night different happenings are organized in the city.

    From their website: “The slogan for Eurovision 2019 is Dare to Dream, and the total budget for the contest is estimated to €28.5 million.”

    Like the official logo:

    Our song is here on YouTube:

    Kobi Marimi – Home – Israel 🇮🇱 – Official Music Video – Eurovision 2019


      1. \ Enjoy, but I still feel traumatized by the winning song from last year.

        The song and the singer were unusual in a way I didn’t like, but this was exactly what brought us the victory.

        Have just listened to Kobi’s song “Home” and liked it. If you give a try, will love to hear your impression. It is nice, something I may listen to for fun, like a slow ballad. There is nothing frightening in it… and I am sure it won’t win the contest because of being nice but not sufficiently attention catching.


  4. Something good from Russia if a new generation is sometimes interested in the real history and even makes such films:

    Колыма – родина нашего страха / Kolyma – Birthplace of Our Fear

    Found out about the film from this Russian blogger:


  5. The same blogger also enlightened me about the new great project reminding of commemorative plaques in Germany telling about former murdered Jewish citizens.

    I think this post is recommended since it also shows what happened after the plaques appeared in Petersburg. Well, one should not expect too large change immediately.

    // Кто написал 4 миллиона доносов?
    В России уже несколько лет действует мемориальный проект “Последний адрес”. Это гражданская инициатива по установке одинаковых памятных знаков на дома, где жили жертвы политических репрессий. Из названия понятно, что адреса этих домов стали последними прижизненными адресами репрессированных.


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