Revolution of the Minds

The ideology of the “trans” is being used now to reify completely a conception of the world where all facts are molten and impermanent, where obvious fallacies are molded into the shape of the veracious and passed off as the genuine object. It’s a way of inventing a reality that if you accept, then you are definitely an intractably-enmeshed neoliberal unhindered by any past reality of the world and have no chance of betraying this ideology.

Yes! This is kind of a difficult point for most people (although I have no idea why) but Mike puts it beautifully. It’s a sort of a test, a threshold of sorts. Once you pass it, they own you forever.

I hope everyone understands that this isn’t about trans rights, of which I’m now and always an enthusiastic supporter.

I’m talking about the essence of neoliberalism as a structure of feeling, as a way of relating to oneself and the world. I’m fascinated by the neoliberal revolution of the minds.


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