Why I Like DeVos

There is an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education (it’s paywalled, so I don’t link) about Summer Naqvi, a senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She tried to get a professor to change her grade to an A. When he refused, she accused him of sexual harassment.

An investigation ensued. Naqvi realized that evidence would prove that she’s lying. So she assaulted an ex-boyfriend, held him at knife-point, and demanded that he delete emails and online chats proving that she lied. She’s been charged with aggravated battery. The professor is still on administrative leave.

Because of Obama’s directives, it became extremely hard for such falsely accused professors or students to avoid persecution. De Vos is repealing the directives, so the professor still has a chance to lead a normal life after this. This is something really good she’s doing, and it’s only happening because Obama did something extremely wrong-headed.

5 thoughts on “Why I Like DeVos”

  1. “extremely hard for such falsely accused professors or students to avoid persecution”

    the whole “believe women” ideology (when carried out unconditionally as supposed feminists encourage) is incredibly dehumanizing for both women and men – no good can come of it.

    Women are just as capable of shitty terrible behavior as men (who set a pretty high bar). (Always) believe women is just as bad as never believe women.


    1. People have got to understand: this can be done to anybody. It doesn’t matter if you are a straight woman in your sixties accused by another woman with zero proof. (True story, happened to a friend). This creates a horrible working environment where everybody is terrified of everybody else. But hey, this means no solidarity, no organizing, no fighting for labor rights. And isn’t that the whole point, really?


    1. The only justification for this is the neoliberal theory of choice. Everybody should be free to choose. All choices are free. Life is a big supermarket where you constantly make choices. The possibility that things are a bit more complicated than choosing a brand of peanut butter never occurs. I hate this mentality, hate this.

      I also really hate how many of those women trafficked in Spain are from Ukraine. Many of them are dumb and naive and have no idea what awaits them. I know some really horrible stories of people being entrapped. And yes, they should have known better. But nobody deserves to be punished like this for being naive and stupid.

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      1. So many people I know are under the false impression that decriminalization is what’s best for women in prostitution. They never heard that it increases trafficking, and they never hear the viewpoints of those who support the Nordic model. Privileged sex workers (who are often not prostitutes, but rather strippers of something) who have a voice and possibly a media platform and organizations like Amnesty International are all saying it, so it must be true. And they’re usually social libertarians so they’re not particularly motivated to search for alternative points of view.

        I was under this false impression for a long time myself because I never heard any opposing viewpoints from sex workers. I came to my views when I was a young dumb person with libertarian leanings (thank God I’ve changed) and then didn’t rethink it for many years. But as soon as I found out a study showed it increased trafficking, it was all over for me. Not only did my support for decriminalization come to an immediate end, I began to rethink my entire view on prostitution, and by this time I was pretty much the opposite of a libertarian so I came to very different conclusions.


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