Another Policy Proposal from Warren

Elizabeth Warren comes out with yet another one of her “well-thought-out policies” and suggests a truly bizarre and counterproductive way to address maternal mortality rates among black women:

Structurally, Warren’s plan mirrors GW Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” program, in which “underperforming” teachers and schools lost money, and teachers and schools that had improved test scores got bonuses. This produced terrible outcomes.

It’s all thoughtless posturing on her part. She never thinks one inch beyond the need to get likes in the moment. It’s very frustrating to observe.

5 thoughts on “Another Policy Proposal from Warren”

  1. But Warren definitely knows how to appeal to her rabid lefty fans. Yesterday she said she won’t appear in a Fox News town hall meeting because Fox is a “hate-for-profit racket that gives a megaphone to racists and conspiracists.”


  2. The Trump administration won’t sign an international agreement that promotes censorship. Liberals are framing this as “siding with terrorists.” How is this any different than how conservatives talked about liberal opposition to the Patriot Act or the Iraq War?


  3. In a room full of Democratic candidates, or Republican candidates, or practically any room anywhere, Elizabeth Warren is the smartest person in the room. I haven’t given up on her as a presidential candidate yet. All the candidates have their flaws, although no one can match Donald Trump when it comes to character flaws.

    I feel desperate for a presidential candidate I can believe in. The problem with Elizabeth Warren is that her area of expertise, though impressive, is exceedingly narrow. She is a career law professor, specializing in bankruptcy law. She is a relative newcomer to the national stage, suddenly a U.S. senator on the banking committee. That leaves out about 90% of all the things a President ought to be expert in, such as international relations, national defense, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, the national budget, and administering a sprawling bureaucracy. But hardly anyone has that kind of experience, except maybe Joe Biden. Lack of experience certainly didn’t stop Trump.


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