“Lactatia,” an 11-year-old drag queen is on the news again. The boy has appeared in a video where he enacts snorting ketamine in the company of a middle-aged man.

“Lactatia’s” other recent scandal had to do with the child posing for photos with a naked man. I’m not linking for obvious reasons, but it’s very disturbing stuff.

What’s being done to this little kid is celebrated in the press and on TV. The idea is that the boy is somehow choosing all this, and all choices are sacred. None of it makes any sense because Kevin Spacey’s career was destroyed for doing a lot less than this with older boys.

Why the kid’s parents aren’t being charged with child abuse is a mystery. Does anybody really think this isn’t having a horrible effect on the boy’s psyche? What’s wrong with people?

And by the way, the idea that this is somehow good for the LGBT community is offensive. Gay people are not perverts, and there’s nothing enjoyable for them in this child’s degradation.


8 thoughts on ““Lactatia””

  1. “Why the kid’s parents aren’t being charged with child abuse is a mystery”

    I want to say, but I don’t want to possibly get your blog in trouble, I might put up something in the next few days on mine…


  2. The ketamine video is actually Desmond. As for the picture with the naked man, Lactatia was actually 10, not 11.

    I saw a post on a pedophile’s blog recently about how wonderful this drag kid phenemenon is. Unlike certain progressives who stick their heads in the sand, he can clearly see there’s a sexual component to this.


  3. Lactatia, when 9, was used in a clothing ad for a “gay erotic boutique.” They defended their decision, while at the same time franticaly changing their descriptor on social media (they are no longer described as “erotic.”) The ad itself didn’t seem inappropriate to me, but no child should be modeling for a store that sells the kind of clothing they do (plus no business should legitimize the child drag queen phenomenon in any way.) I can share more disturbing quotes from parents and inside information if you’d like; I’m like a mini-expert on this. I probably will share more even if you don’t ask me for it.

    Normal gay people abhor all this, of course, but the way gay institutions uncritically support this makes me want to withdraw from any kind of engagement with them (which includes activism.) GLAAD and GLSEN cheer Desmond on and involve him in their events. Prominent members of the community also support Desmond. And I’ve already mentioned the bias of LGBT media outlets. Of course, many corporations support this crap too, but I didn’t expect them to have any morals in the first place.


    1. “the way gay institutions uncritically support this makes me want to withdraw from any kind of engagement with them”

      What’s really interesting is how much in the last few years I’ve recoiled in horror from the public spokesmen (and proclaimed agendas) of lots of issues I enthusiastically agree with. I’m all for gay rights and trans rights but drag kids is a bridge I will not cross. Children are not capable of informed consent period.


      1. Exactly. Gay rights are one of the greatest achievements of humanity. But there’s no right, gay or straight, to prance around naked in front of a 10-year-old kid.


      2. I’m against drag kids because I care about the wellbeing of LGBT children (assuming these boys are even gay.) The mainstream media wouldn’t be offering up uncritical praise of parents who had their preteen daughters dancing in nightclubs in skimpy outfits. Child beauty pageants unfortunately go on, but the media is willing to criticize them and say it’s bad for the girls. Yet when vulnerable boys need protection and care, nobody is even willing to acknowledge it.


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