Militant Idiocy

My colleagues believe that the SATs are racist because they use words that white people are more likely to know.

I’m surrounded by militant idiots.


20 thoughts on “Militant Idiocy”

      1. “Do you want to get me fired?”

        Well, Clarissa, your talents are wasted in academia…

        BTW, does the black diversity dude speak in ghetto code like Cornell West when addressing the black students?


            1. The Planned Parenthood was founded by an exactly this kind of eugenicist, too. So what? Let’s repeal Roe and close down every PP clinic?

              But you are right that I’m not really afraid. I lost all fear. It’s partly the course on totalitarianism that reminded me what matters and partly the fact that this month I made more from my gigs on the side than from my actual job. Other than institutional affiliation, I don’t see what I’m getting from this job at all. If I’m making most of my money online by being myself online, why should I curtail that for the sake of a ridiculously low-paying job that’s limiting, boring, and intellectually stunting?


    1. “Emrata” is an idiotic shortening of the name “Emily Ratajkowski,” a skinny model who poses nude almost daily all over the Internet, and needs no reason other than to show off her bony, nowadays-considered-sexy self. (If you doubt this, click on the website, which publishes the latest selfies of anorectic starving women who look like escapees from a concentration camp), instead of the well-
      fed, curvy models that I grew up appreciating in print media and movies in the 1950s and 1960s.


      1. I assure you that many men my age appreciate curvy women, judging by the pics they like and share on facebook, and judging by all the horny men hitting up my curvy friends. I think most men turn to places other than Hollywood to find hot babes to ogle. Instagram is popular for that.

        Skinny women do have a following though, especially among white men.


        1. As a very non-thin lady, I can confirm that one thing I never lacked in life is male admirers. I had guys trying to pick me up when I was 8 months pregnant and looked like one of those ducks fattened up for foie gras harvesting.


  1. Back to the SAT. The issue of terminology that was culturally biased was raised back in the 1970s, and resulted in changes to SAT questions as well as extensive research by ETS into the issue. This is old. Whether there is a further need for change is open to debate, but ETS has decided to introduce the new scale, and they don’t make those decisions likely or without extensive research and testing.
    ETS has been under some market pressure to make changes as some large state schools are starting to back away from using standardized tests in the admissions process. I did an overnight in Terra Haute recently and noticed that one of the large Indiana universities is no longer requiring the SAT or ACT for students with GPAs above 2.5.


  2. Encouraging people to fail is a hand wash for the powers that be, allowing them to minimize responsibility for highly unequal elementary and secondary schools. “See, the kid had a shot but didn’t work hard enough. Not our fault.” It also reduces university accountability for fairness in admissions by removing the most accessible, third-party metrics. From a marketing point of view, it removes the ability of applicants (and employers) to compare the quality of students a school attracts — a boon to smaller and religious schools.


  3. “…use words white people are more likely to know”.
    Isn’t it possible for anyone with a good brain to learn (and learn about) whatever they happen to be exposed to or have pointed out to them? It’s not race or ancestry, it’s one’s intelligence level.


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