Tech Question

Folks, if I delete a text message conversation I had with somebody, will it be deleted from his phone, too? Together with any record that we TMed?

I know it’s a weird question but I had a long TM conversation with somebody, and now that conversation is not on my phone. I didn’t know people could unilaterally do that.


5 thoughts on “Tech Question”

  1. No, you cannot delete text messages from anothers phone, I’m pretty sure. However if you use an iPhone then using iMessage in concert with SMS (text messaging) can do some screwy things, especially after an update. Maybe that’s the problem? If you do have an iPhone, google “Losing text messages from my phone iMessage” and it will walk you through turning off iMessage, MMS and then turning them back on, I’d try that first.
    If you have an Android, well I’m not sure there.


      1. Sounds like a glitch in your text app. Plain texts (SMSes as we used to call them) can’t be deleted, but messages in some messaging apps can


  2. How old was the message? The service may have archived it someplace. Do not that in a lot of message apps, you have the ability to download or print a transcript.


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