Useful Fools

These poor little fools who celebrate the Harvard snowflakes’ success at hounding a professor out of a job. They honestly, seriously believe that the snowflakes are on their side. They don’t want to realize that the snowflakes will graduate, go work for Google (Apple, Microsoft, a shiny new startup, whatever), and will hound them out of their jobs.

The professor is just a trial run. And yes, he’ll be fine. But you won’t. When you are declared “unsafe” and hounded out of existence, you are not going to be fine.

The author of the linked piece can’t figure out why everybody cares about a minor event at Harvard. He is convinced that the snowflakes will see how successful they’ve been and say, “Hmm. This works. Let’s never do it again.” Or maybe he thinks that making himself very small and smiling at the snowflakes very reassuringly will put them on his side. Maybe he thinks that joining them in the hounding will protect him.

But it won’t.


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