To Watch or Not to Watch?

We now have free HBO. It’s actually cheaper to have it than not. So here is a question. Should we watch Game of Thrones? Or should I watch it alone because N is sensitive? Or should neither one of us watch because it’s fantasy and we both detest fantasy? But then I loved Buffy, and isn’t GofT like a pale copy of Buffy, in a way?

We are on the last season of The Americans and need to make a decision soon.

Material Reality

Natasha Chart of the Women’s Liberation Front on the ridiculously titled “Equality Act”:

“Having a law that demands belief in something that is not true creates a lot of problems. You can’t have a law that denies material reality.”

Yeah… I thought we were supposed to be the pro-science, reality-based party. But not any longer. We are now pushing legislation that penalizes people for noticing reality. Our corporate overlords demand this, and we must oblige.

That’s what the “blue wave” gave us. A congress that unanimously votes to mutilate kids and deny material reality.

Good Mayors

Is there a history of any liberal mayors being any good? It’s not a rhetorical question. DeBlasio is horrible, Rahm is horrible, Buttigieg seems to be a failure as a mayor. Historically, we had Dinkins, Kirkpatrick, Coleman Young. All horrible.

Republicans have Giuliani as a mayor who stunned the world with his achievement. Our tiny town’s mayor kicks ass, and he’s very Republican.

Who do we have on our side who did good?

Again, not a trick question. I’m looking for names. I’m losing an argument here.

P.S. How about that London mayor, at least? Is he solving any problems? I’m not following him, so I don’t know.

Progressives on Immigration

Tucker Carlson is absolutely right when he says there is absolutely no other reason to object to the Canadian-style immigration system than a desire to have a permanent supply of cheap, obedient, voiceless slaves.

The progressives’ rage against the English proficiency requirement for immigrants is due to the fact that they want us to nod and smile but never talk back. A mouthy, opinionated immigrant (e.g. me) is endlessly annoying. Such an immigrant doesn’t feel abjectly grateful to progressives for their efforts to defend her from intersectional grievances. “Shut up and go clean some toilets, you peasant, while I tell the world how much I suffer on your behalf!” is the progressive position towards immigrants.

I noticed this a long time ago and have been writing about it on this blog for a decade. But I never thought I’d hear somebody say it on TV. This is very gratifying.