Material Reality

Natasha Chart of the Women’s Liberation Front on the ridiculously titled “Equality Act”:

“Having a law that demands belief in something that is not true creates a lot of problems. You can’t have a law that denies material reality.”

Yeah… I thought we were supposed to be the pro-science, reality-based party. But not any longer. We are now pushing legislation that penalizes people for noticing reality. Our corporate overlords demand this, and we must oblige.

That’s what the “blue wave” gave us. A congress that unanimously votes to mutilate kids and deny material reality.


One thought on “Material Reality”

  1. I believe that transgender people should be able to change their legal gender after transition. However, physical transition of some kind should be required! This bearded “trans woman,” who has not so much has gone on hormones, was able to change their gender marker under the act. That seems ridiculous to me.

    I think there’s room for someone who’s not done with transition but living fulltime to be able to change the gender marker on their day to day ID, in order to avoid being outed in day to day life. I think people deserve their privacy. I know Ohio law allows for that, and we’re hardly a liberal state. It requires your doctor or therapist to fill out and sign a form, and if you’re not done with transition, this only lasts for a few years (I think two?) and your therapist must send another letter then. Of course, there’s a great deal of discretion what “done” means, but a therapist is unlikely to say the change is “permanent” when someone’s not even on hormones, or at least that has been the experience of my friend (who was fine with this.) Regardless, changing your gender marker with federal agencies is a bit more complicated and I think requires surgery, as does changing your birth certificate in most states I’m pretty sure (in Ohio you can’t change it at all.)

    All my info is a few years out of date so take it with a grain of salt.


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