New York Times sent me a notification that the GofT finale is over.

That’s the weirdest phone notification I ever got.

What Shortage of Truck Drivers

Klara is ready to tackle the shortage of truck drivers:

This is in front of the church today.

Church is so great, folks. I had no idea. I’m not used to feeling restful on weekends but church really helps. There are older kids eager to play with Klara, there are vats of great coffee, and the food is very good. There is a huge wooded area for kids to play outside and a playroom for when it rains.

Service has been over for an hour but I still don’t feel like leaving. Maybe I should go have a third helping of dessert.

NYTimes Investigation

A great NYTimes investigation into the reasons behind a recent spate of suicides among the city’s taxi drivers also demonstrates why the current immigration system is insane. This is one of so many stories of people doing great back home, enjoying life and then getting dragged over here to be miserable and suffer:

Before coming to America, Mohammed Hoque lived comfortably in Chittagong, a city on Bangladesh’s southern coast. He was a serious student and a gifted runner, despite a small and stocky frame. His father and grandfather were teachers; he said he surpassed them, becoming an education official with a master’s degree in management. He supervised dozens of schools and traveled on a government-issued motorcycle. In 2004, when he was 33, he married Fouzia Mahabub. That same year, several of his friends signed up for the green card lottery, and their thirst for opportunity was contagious. He applied, and won.

Hoque ended up marginalized, miserable, sick, and now financially ruined. I know people like Hoque. Green card lottery is evil because it brings here people who are happy at home and don’t want to be here. It ruins lives.

The funny thing is, I’ve never met an American, not matter how snowflakey, who’d actively support the lottery. At most, people are indifferent. But it exists and is proving impossible to get rid of. Given that every winner is them entitled to drag over his entire village through family reunification, it’s not a tiny program. It’s hundreds of thousands of very miserable, needlessly displaced, often dramatically declasse people.

Read the NYTimes article and tell me if there is any other reason behind the program’s existence than to provide fodder for this insane system of financial speculation and abuse.


Bret Stephens hits the nail on its head:

The sensible center of America — that is, the people who choose presidents in this country — wants to see Donald Trump lose next year, but not if it means empowering the junior totalitarians of the left.

That’s exactly where I am. As we have seen during the past two years, Trump isn’t that scary and isn’t doing much of anything, good or bad, a quality he shares with the new Democrat Congress.

I can easily imagine worse things. A candidate favored by the pouty leftist Twitteroids would be worse. Morally superior religious fanatics are very scary. Especially when the god they worship is their all-important self.