Smartphone Virgin

N finally decided to get a smartphone. He spent a week researching smartphones online, and then announced that the cheapest one he could find costs $560 on Amazon, and then you have to unblock it and connect it to your carrier.

“There is very little time left!” he fretted. “I need to have it before our trip to Montreal on the 29th!”

“Do you want to get one for free within the hour?” I asked.

After a long struggle to get him to suspend his disbelief, I took him to the AT&T store, and we walked out with a free smartphone. We also got free HBO as a bonus for the purchase.

It’s so funny that N still feels like he’s in Russia and needs to pay for these things.

Rhythm of the Summer

Tombers writes on his blog:

The rhythm of the summer is beginning to reveal itself.

That’s such a great way of putting it. I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for somebody to put it this way.

Every summer does have a rhythm of its own. And there doesn’t seem to be much one can do to change it. You just wait for it to be revealed.