Surveillance in Action

After connecting his smartphone, N was stunned to discover that his phone knows he’s planning to travel to Canada.

“The phone knows more about you than you do yourself,” I said. “But it doesn’t love you nearly as much as I do!”

By the way, I went to a grocery store this morning to get ingredients for N’s okroshka (a nasty dish he loves for some weird reason) and was spooked in the aisle by a robot that creeped up on me from behind and was clearly tracking what I did. Once I noticed it, the robot slunk away. It was a big thing, almost my height. I sent a written complaint to the management.


4 thoughts on “Surveillance in Action”

  1. “okroshka (a nasty dish he loves for some weird reason)”

    I can’t help but feel that your unreasoning dislike of the noble idea of cold soup undermines your authority on every other topic…


  2. Have you seen this example of political effectiveness? It’s simply cool (in Russian).

    Гадалка Агата на службе у экологов

    Interesting whether and how this principle may be used in America.
    As for Israel, a huge part of the population votes according to rabbis and such, so Agatha’s place is already taken. 😦


    1. Genius. 🙂

      I have no idea why they are against field burning, though. It’s done here in the Midwest every year. It’s very good for the land. It’s called controlled burns.

      I think those ecologists are idiots.


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