Who Gains?

Nicaragua, right? A small, extremely poor and corrupt Central American country. The oligarchy rules and won’t let the country change in any remotely good direction. How does the oligarchy manage to keep its grip on the country?

One little fact: every year, $1,5 billion dollars are sent back to Nicaragua by Nicaraguans residing elsewhere. The oligarchy depends on pushing as many people as possible out of the country and into illegal serfdom someplace else so that the remittances grow. And grow they do. Back in 2011, yearly remittances to Nicaragua were only one billion.

It obviously isn’t just Nicaragua. Mexicans residing outside the country send $33 billion in remittances back home. What interest can these countries’ elites possibly have in making life in them better? Why should they try to make these countries more attractive places to stay if they can push more people out and then own the companies that process the remittances and the stores where the money is spent? (That’s how Carlos Slim made his fortune).

And at the same time, the elites in host countries profit from having a growing supply of cheap, easily exploitable labor. And they own our news sources, drumming into our heads relentlessly that opposing this state of affairs is racist.

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