FB Algorithm

The only political ads that appear in my FB feed are from somebody called Jay Inslee. And I honestly have no idea who he is. Should I trust the FB algorithm and check him out?

The algorithm is always spot on in suggesting the products I might like but politically I’m a lot more complicated and fussy.

Friend Breakup

The biggest law of friendship is never to befriend somebody who is passionately, desperately seeking what you have already obtained a long time ago. Even if everything else clicks, this part will blow up the friendship.

And at my age, it’s equally important not to become friends with somebody who hasn’t accepted who they are. Which is basically the same thing as rule 1.

I’m experiencing a breakup with a friend, and it really hurts.


I met an immigrant couple today. They came here from Ireland after winning the visa lottery. Played it for 14 years before winning because it was a lifelong dream of theirs to come to the US.

These are highly educated, extremely employable people, high-earners, obviously no language barrier, extremely culturally compatible. Initially, they landed in NYC but the dream had always been to live in the small-town Midwest, so now they are here. Happy as clams.

We could have had these people here 13 years sooner and paying their taxes here and not in Ireland if the US immigration system were like the Canadian.

I fail to see the downside. We should be embracing the switch and running away with it like crazy. If this blue-wave Congress weren’t utterly idiotic, it’d be using this as a major legislative achievement that would be massively popular with voters. But for all their quasi-socialist rhetoric, they don’t give a toss about voters. They just want to please their rich donors who need cheap serfs. And the couple from Ireland are not that. They just got their citizenship. Who do you think they’ll vote for?

Marketing Genius

Ficcare, a company that makes very expensive hair clips, sent me a promotional email because I once saved a whole month’s salary (ok, I exaggerate but slightly) and bought a clip from them.

I opened the email because I’m not averse to buying another one and discovered the most hilarious promo ever.

Our new line of hair clips is coming soon! the promo says. But in the meantime, check out our new product called Catch-a-caca, the most compact dog poop catcher! Now you’ll never have to touch poop again or bend down t pick it up.

The unexpectedness of finding Catch-a-caca peddled at the la-di-da hair accessory site was priceless. Here is the website that imitates the email.

Whoever does their marketing should be fired because I will now forever associate their product with caca. They have lost me as a customer because I have no interest whatsoever in catching caca.


“Klarochka, we are going on a road trip! And we’ll stay in a really nice house!”

“Who else will be there, Mommy?”

“Me, you and Daddy.”

“And who else?”

“Nobody else.”

“But I need people, Mommy! I’m sociable, remember? I need more people.”


“Klarochka, you can wear the necklace to school but you’ll have to take it off before nap time.”

Klara, with an exasperated look: “You don’t understand me, Mommy. I’m smart. I always take the necklace off because it’s not safe to wear jewelry to bed.”


And one more on another subject but it’s too cute not to share.

At a traffic stop, we see that a driver of a car next to us is texting.

“He shouldn’t be sending messages on his phone while he’s driving, Mommy,” Klara says in a severe voice. “He should park his car in a parking lot and then use his phone. It’s not ok to use the phone when you drive. It’s against the rules! He should be paying attention!”

She’s three, if somebody here doesn’t know.