FB Algorithm

The only political ads that appear in my FB feed are from somebody called Jay Inslee. And I honestly have no idea who he is. Should I trust the FB algorithm and check him out?

The algorithm is always spot on in suggesting the products I might like but politically I’m a lot more complicated and fussy.


7 thoughts on “FB Algorithm”

    1. Oh, that makes sense then. I posted an environmental fundraiser, hence climate change. I’m an old mom, and this is a demographic that tends to support surrogacy. I’m passionately against, of course, but they can’t know that.


      1. Almost everyone in America supports surrogacy, sadly. TV shows have always portrayed it as “woman happily serves as a surrogate for her friend/sister,” and that’s how we think of it. Not surprising that the entertainment industry would like to portray it that way, considering celebs love paying other people to have their kids.

        It’s also been successfully branded as an LGBT issue. If you’re against surrogacy, you’re a homophobe. Of course, I’m equally against surrogacy for straight people and gay people.


      1. I hesitate to link Lifesite News because they’re not always accurate. But as far as I can tell they’re right about this law, and nobody else is delving into the more horrifying implications of it. Even articles that give a fairly balanced view of it don’t mention there’s no limit on the number of parents. Or that there aren’t the kinda background checks you need when adopting, even when the child ends up bearing no genetic relation to you. So someone can literally manufacture and purchase a baby with no oversight; seems like a dream come true for pedophiles, imo. I would like to research more to make absolutely sure their analysis is accurate, but if it is, we are truly living in a dystopia.


        1. Why would anybody in their right mind support this, is the question. Like this Inslee fellow. What can he possibly get out of it?

          I’ll never understand.


          1. If he votes no, he’ll be branded a homophobe, hurting his political future. Also he may not have thought through the implications that deeply, or figured that surrogacy agencies would require background checks, parent limits, etc. (lmao power of the free market.) He probably has no inherent issue with surrogacy like you and I do and legitimately believes it’s good to legalize it.


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