Marketing Genius

Ficcare, a company that makes very expensive hair clips, sent me a promotional email because I once saved a whole month’s salary (ok, I exaggerate but slightly) and bought a clip from them.

I opened the email because I’m not averse to buying another one and discovered the most hilarious promo ever.

Our new line of hair clips is coming soon! the promo says. But in the meantime, check out our new product called Catch-a-caca, the most compact dog poop catcher! Now you’ll never have to touch poop again or bend down t pick it up.

The unexpectedness of finding Catch-a-caca peddled at the la-di-da hair accessory site was priceless. Here is the website that imitates the email.

Whoever does their marketing should be fired because I will now forever associate their product with caca. They have lost me as a customer because I have no interest whatsoever in catching caca.


20 thoughts on “Marketing Genius”

  1. This made me laugh. The ad states that it’s the brother of the website’s owner who invented the new contraption, so I guess family comes first in this case.


  2. “This made me laugh.”

    Definitely! This looks like one of those WOW! AMAZING! gimmicks that you see advertised on late television that never really work.

    Dogs instinctively feel like they’re in a vulnerable position when they poop, and don’t like to be that close to people or other animals. If the dog is leashed, you MIGHT be able to maneuver the “catcher” into precisely the right position at the right time, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

    At least the website owner can blame his brother-in-law if endorsing this gimmick hurts his hair clip business. 🙂

    Here’s some more pet-related news that’s either funny not at all so, depending on your viewpoint. My cat just spent three days hospitalized for a medical cat-type emergency (she’s fine now), and the total bill was $4,469.34.

    That’s more money than I’ve ever spent on my own medical needs in my ENTIRE life!


    1. I’m so sorry for your cat but this confirms my belief that pet owners are absolutely nuts. You could have bought 50 completely new cats with this money! Fresh, healthy ones!

      I’ll never get this.


        1. The difference is, I couldn’t get a new kid at the store for $100. I have to carry one inside my body, injecting insulin 6 times a day. Plus, the cat doesn’t even look like you (I hope) or talk.

          No, I still don’t get it.


          1. The cat not talking (or needing to be bathed, or clothed, or sent to daycare or college) is an ADVANTAGE!

            And you could skip the insulin and adopt a kid for about the same $4500 that I spent on the kitty. Same cost, much less aggravation in both the short and long term!


          2. ” I still don’t get it”

            Dogs and cats (and horses) all have individual personalities and replacing a pet that a person has bonded to (even with another of the same breed) is not at all like replacing a purse or a pair of shoes.
            It can’t be easily explained to those who haven’t experienced it.


            1. A dog I could understand at some level because they do get attached to you. But cats don’t even give a semblance of affection.

              A horse I could definitely understand. They have those big, soulful eyes, that’s irresistible.


              1. // But cats don’t even give a semblance of affection.

                And I understand you’ve never interacted with a cat.

                I had a street cat in my childhood who I was friends with for a long time. Sadly, my mother didn’t permit to let him live in our flat. The cat did want that, btw. He once went to the 2nd floor of our building, entered our flat and then when we put him out scratched the door and meowed for a while. At the end, he disappeared somewhere, probably hit by a car or something.

                Many adult cats are not that sociable, but that cat was very much so.

                I like the idea of having a cat more than having a dog since for a dog one needs to have a forceful personality and be “alpha”, while a social cat is a buddy one can simply relax with. Of course, I’ve never had neither cats nor dogs, so I may be mistaken about something here. Still…


              2. I hate to break it to you, but the cat just wanted to be fed.

                It’s interesting how seriously people are taking a facetious thread, though. 🙂


  3. “I hate to break it to you, but the cat just wanted to be fed.”

    Well, that’s basically all that your fellow human beings on this planet want, including all the “friends” who keep breaking your heart. Just different types of hunger.

    At least my hungry cat doesn’t read the Arizona obituaries once a month to see if its rich uncle a thousand miles away has finally croaked.

    As the famous saying goes, “You can’t choose your relatives…but you can choose your cat.”


    1. The cat doesn’t give anything in return, though. It’s like a little bottomless pit. People give back.

      Inheritance battles, though, brrrr. I’ve witnessed a few in my family and decided early on that the only money I care about is the money I make. Never want to demean myself by fighting for somebody else’s.


  4. “The cat doesn’t give anything in return…People give back.”

    You’re joking, right? The point is that the cat doesn’t ask for anything except food and shelter — and it does that without bitching or whining. Whatever do people give you that’s worth half the aggravation?

    Hey, I’m listening. What do people give back to their fellow human beings that cats don’t?


    1. Love, gifts, help around the house, words of wisdom, discussions about books, funny stories, travel, and most importantly, they ask me questions. I love answering questions.


      1. “Love, gifts, help around the house, words of wisdom, discussions about books, funny stories, travel, and most importantly, they ask me questions.”

        Idle fantasies, signifying nothing: Love is a nonsensical human fantasy, I can afford to buy anything I want and maids to clean my house, I’m already so smart that I make myself sick, and who cares about the rest of it? When I was a practicing physician and a military commander, I answered a million questions, and that was more than enough for a lifetime.

        My cat gives me acceptance with silence, and that music is all I need to hear echoing around the large rooms of my house. You have no idea how good it feels to finally be left alone. 🙂


  5. My mother was very much a dog (and horse) person and didn’t think of cats as being as being worthy.
    Still, some cats did pass through for varying lengths of time and I’ve known some since and can absolutely say they have distinct personalities and are often sociable and affectionate though that’s manifested very differently than with dogs.


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