“Klarochka, we are going on a road trip! And we’ll stay in a really nice house!”

“Who else will be there, Mommy?”

“Me, you and Daddy.”

“And who else?”

“Nobody else.”

“But I need people, Mommy! I’m sociable, remember? I need more people.”


“Klarochka, you can wear the necklace to school but you’ll have to take it off before nap time.”

Klara, with an exasperated look: “You don’t understand me, Mommy. I’m smart. I always take the necklace off because it’s not safe to wear jewelry to bed.”


And one more on another subject but it’s too cute not to share.

At a traffic stop, we see that a driver of a car next to us is texting.

“He shouldn’t be sending messages on his phone while he’s driving, Mommy,” Klara says in a severe voice. “He should park his car in a parking lot and then use his phone. It’s not ok to use the phone when you drive. It’s against the rules! He should be paying attention!”

She’s three, if somebody here doesn’t know.

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