Bernie’s School Plan

My starting salary at this university was $42,000. In ten years + tenure it crept up to $56,000.

So obviously the idea to jack up my taxes to offer school teachers starting salaries of $60,000 does not appeal. Especially since these are the same teachers who send me barely literate graduates and I get to redo their work after them.

Bernie’s whole school proposal reads like a letter to Santa. Free everything! For everybody! And loads of money on top! I have no idea how people can read it as anything but comedic. Free breakfast, lunch, snacks, dental care, mental health care, for everybody including illegal immigrants! And to pay for all that, let’s gouge the parents who think it’s their responsibility to parent their own kids. But hey, given how he plans to destroy universities like mine anyway, maybe I do need the free snacks.

Of course, nobody is going to pay for all this stuff and the only parts of the proposal that will be implemented are the ideological ones (the toilets, the locker rooms, the destruction of girls’ sports, the ESL).

8 thoughts on “Bernie’s School Plan”

  1. Regarding intelligence of most voters:

    // Remember when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that if we don’t do something about climate change the world will end in 12 years, and then she faulted the GOP for taking her literally and not being able to take a joke? “You’d have to have the social intelligence of a sea sponge to think it’s literal,” she tweeted earlier this month.

    Well, apparently Democrats can’t take a joke either because according to a Rasmussen poll released today, a staggering 67 percent of Democrats believe Ocasio-Cortez’s climate change warning to be completely legit.

    The most fascinating thing about the poll, aside from the large percentage of Democrat sea sponges who believe the 12-year prediction, is how the number of voters who believe it has skyrocketed in just a few months. When Rasmussen first polled on this issue back in January, after Ocasio-Cortez first publicly made her prediction, only 23 percent of voters agreed with it. Back in January, however, only 34 percent of Democrats believed what Ocasio-Cortez says only a sea sponge would have taken seriously. This shows the incredible influence the socialist wing of the Democratic Party has on the party as a whole.


    1. And even now that she’s mocked the idiots who believed her so cruelly, they still won’t repudiate her.

      Hey, did you see her most recent pronouncement on colonialist cauliflower? It’s priceless. I wonder how many of her fans ran to their vegetable gardens to eradicate evil cauliflower.


        1. Literally what I’ve been saying for two years.

          “Yes, but he gave Putin a soccer ball!” Yeah, that and a deep recession. I wonder what had a bigger impact.


  2. Btw, I read the above on this new Russian lj – here is a link to a new interesting news item:

    In other news, I’ve heard of a new German novel about EU which already received a prize:

    // The first great EU novel
    Austrian writer Robert Menasse moved to Brussels hoping it would warrant a novel as sprawling as the EU itself.

    Have you heard about the author? I wonder whether it’s a novel about Bauman’s liquid modernity like the Spanish lit you’ve analyzed in your book.


      1. // The novel sounds quite appealing. And it’s available in Spanish if not in English. I’m tempted.

        The article is from 2017, and it has already been translated into English too.

        And into Russian since I saw a Russian translation in a library today and thus became aware of the novel. So you have a choice in which language to read.


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