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On his very first smartphone, N installed as wallpaper a photo of his old flip phone.

I don’t think he’s figured out how smartphones work yet.

This reminded me how at the beginning of our relationship he proudly showed me a folder on his laptop where all of our photos were saved. The folder was titled “June 2007.” It took a while to explain why it was upsetting.

5 thoughts on “Important Image”

    1. This isn’t about immigrants at all. It’s about self-hating anglos who want to destroy their culture and use immigrants as a pretext and a weapon. What causes the self-hatred is a mystery. I’m an immigrant, so I look at it in bewilderment. If we managed to build in Ukraine what the Anglos built in America, we’d be proud and happy as clams.

      Of course, it’s not all Anglos but it’s the elites. And the elites have the power to wipe out the culture. It’s very disturbing.


  1. “N installed as wallpaper a photo of his old flip phone.”

    I completely understand. Simply as a phone, my smartphone is awful, far, far inferior to my old nokia. It’s slightly better as an impromptu camera (though again, inferior to my digital camera)… I only use the internet on it on the streetcar to and from work (and on vacation) because the interface is so limited and frustrating.

    I’m not an app-friendly person (most of them seem stupid, vane and/or misleadingly named spyware) so I’ll always dislike my smartphone as a basket of second and third bests (and general terribleness)

    “June 2007.” It took a while to explain why it was upsetting”

    I’m not getting it… is it just the generic nature of the title or the idea that it would be easy to accidentally replace it with something else?


  2. As long as they are still available, I will have a flip phone. I dislike touch screens intensely. They are slow and difficult to use especially if my hands are cold. I urge N to revert to the superior device.


  3. Heh, I can relate – I typically forget my phone exists even when it would be perfectly useful for a task. There was a point when I had to record my voice for a little project by a friend, and so I said “Well, all I have is a laptop microphone, so I’ll use that.” It was only after my friend mentioned everyone else was using their phone to record that it even clicked to me – yes, a smartphone probably has an excellent mic.

    Otherwise – the lack of an actual keyboard hinders the immediacy which usually allows me to meld with my computer, and the fact that the dominant model freemium program model doesn’t let me trade knowledge or an initial lump sum of setup time for actual money not having to deal with continuous pin-pricks at my attention… Really makes me think of my smartphone primarily as an irritant.


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