Until What?

This child died in September—how many more have to die? This is a national crisis. https://t.co/9PD067nXic

— Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) May 22, 2019

How many more have to die until what? It’s not a rhetorical question. What is he and his side proposes to do to stop kids with congenital heart disease being forced to undergo an arduous, dangerous journey? What is Booker suggesting? What’s the plan he has in place and who’s preventing it from being implemented?

13 thoughts on “Until What?”

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    1. Goodness gracious.

      It is beyond parody. Everybody blathers on about how much they care about kids but simultaneously promoting policies that are horrible for kids.


  2. “This is a national crisis”
    So maybe it wasn’t a really humanitarian idea to be so against building the fershlugginer wall?!
    Of course he has no plan, he doesn’t care beyond seeing it as an example to emote expressively in public so that the more gullible might feel good voting for him.

    I said a long time ago the current situation is not tenable or sustainable but no one in a position to do anything has any sensible proposals besides the wall (not a great plan but ten times better than anything the democrats have put forth).


    1. Seriously, though, what is the alternative that these people are proposing? Remove all border patrols? OK, but then nobody would have even tried to operate on this kid. She was only operated on because the border patrols were there.

      Another bit of news from yesterday is that a convicted child molester was apprehended by border patrols trying to sneak in with a bunch of kids. He’d been deported a short while ago. What, he should have been let in?

      A congresswoman said yesterday that border patrols are killing children on purpose so they should be refused extra funding to treat these kids. This is a travesty of incredible proportions. People have gone completely nuts.


      1. What I don’t understand is why people are so completely insane on this issue. It’s not an unusual, unique situation. There are countries that already figured this all out decades ago, as I keep pointing out. It can be done! But it isn’t because people seem to go into dissociative fugues whenever immigration is mentioned.


        1. As I keep saying: US wants lower paid non citizen labor. Needs it. Has always had it. Yes it could decide to do without but this would be a HUGE change with far reaching consequences.

          There’s that, and then the asylum question which is different. Cliff has pointed out that that category has been made very broad now, perhaps too broad, but this is where having all these effective colonies and awful policy in them comes back to haunt.


          1. Who is “US”? I don’t need anybody to be exploited. Neither do you. This is just a tiny group of very rich people who will simply have to raise wages if we, the people, refuse to provide them with serfs.

            And it’s not that huge a change. The technological revolution made cheap labor a thing of the past. This is all a thing of the past.


            1. And by the way, for 60 years there was no exploitative immigration into the US, and the economy flourished, welfare state flourished, high taxes on the rich were possible.

              Then all of a sudden, the moment that the need in cheap labor started to vane, it’s let’s drag half the world over.

              There is no economic necessity behind this, either of us or for Central Americans. It’s a huge myth that there is. I don’t even think it’s the economy driving this, and I’m a Marxist.


              1. What 60 years were those? Agriculture etc. have always been immigrants, braceros, sharecroppers, and so on.


            2. The U.S.A. as entity and economy. Think poultry plants, slaughterhouses, agriculture, construction, nursery work, all of this is done by undocumented workers and my bet is that to get Americans to do it you’d have to pay them the way the oil companies pay their own lower tier, maybe $35/hr or more. This would cut profits and drive prices up. I don’t care but many would.


              1. Yet you support candidates that want to tax these profits massively. Doesn’t it make more sense to let this money go directly to workers instead of letting immigrants be exploited and then taxing the profits to pay for welfare for the workers that immigrants have displaced?


              2. Well, if you can get the wages raised and Americans into those jobs, great! Taxes on these corporations are low now, so now is the time for them to do it! BUT: even paying above minimum wage, they have a tough time. Agriculture is seasonal work and you have to migrate around the country with the crops. And it’s hard labor. Immigrants and migrants don’t displace, they’re the ones who have traditionally done this, and when they’re not there, it tends not to get done.


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