Any Day

A couple with small kids found itself homeless. (It’s not a poverty thing, it’s a blue flight thing, whatever).

“I hope it all works out soon,” I tell the father.

“It will work out when we get Trump out of office!” he exclaims.

“I hope you find housing before that,” I object carefully.

The father looks at me, all confused.

“He’s getting impeached any day now,” he says.

It’s Everywhere

The same thing is happening in Russia right now. There is a wave of protests against unjustified arrests of dissidents. Facebook is banning everybody who supports the protesters and tries to inform readers about what’s going on. The pretexts that FB uses for the bans are as insane as in Kassam’s case. Ancient posts about nothing whatsoever. In the meanwhile, FB does absolutely nothing to users who heap antisemitic and sexist slurs on the dissidents or threaten to murder, dismember, or behead them.

To resume, FB finds it unacceptable when users say “men can’t be women” but is perfectly fine with with users who say “I’ll cut your head off, you [horrible insults]” to some people.

None of this is accidental. Facebook wants to eradicate certain ideas and certain political movements. And those ideas obviously have nothing to do with men being or not being women or whatever. The outlandish gender theories are useful because anybody can be tripped up with them. But that’s not what FB cares about. What then, you’ll ask?

The answer is simple: the Russian dissidents that FB has been banning all week are politically similar to Kassam.

All of this is just the beginning. The end goal is to make sure that we never even hear about the existence of any ideas that FB doesn’t like. There will only be political candidates that FB pre-approves.

As Shoshana Zuboff keeps pointing out in her book, this is the future we are creating for ourselves with our indifference and lack of interest in the workings of surveillance capitalism.

Real Authoritarianism

BREAKING: Facebook suspends @RaheemKassam again over 11-year old post

— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) May 23, 2019

In the post, Kassam said that men can’t be women. Which is what everybody believed until 11 seconds ago. And which is what 99% of the world’s population still believes now. The other 1% also believes it but is pretending not to out of kindness.

In any case, it is scary that FB is so aggressively imposing a very elitist, very minority belief common only among the richest, most pampered consumers on the planet. This is authoritarianism and not the meaningless news that Trump declassified the intel on the creators of the Russia hoax. The ban took place on election day in the UK, which is clearly an attempt on FB’s part to subvert democracy. Yet nobody gives a crap.

And yeah, I’m sure Kassam is not a nice person. But we are, so this will never happen to us.

Let’s Say

Let’s say Hillary won the election.

And Trump’s supporters organized a movement called a Resistance. And walked with penis hats on their heads.

And called Chelsea a cunt on TV and everybody cheered.

And Trump would refuse to accept that he lost fair and square and kept bitching about the “stolen election.”

And when Hillary nominated a woman for the supreme court, they organized a bunch of unsubstantiated claims by men who said they witnessed her participate in orgies at 16.

And they’d spend years accusing Hillary of colluding with Angela Merkel to destroy the country by filling it with immigrants like Merkel did.

And since Merkel is German, and Nazis were German, they’d conclude Hillary was a Nazi.

And actors would pose with mockups of Hillary’s severed, bloody head.

And pop stars would rant about how great it would be to blow Hillary up.

And a TV actor would fake an attack by Hillary-supporting feminist harpies.

Let’s say this all happened.

We’d call these people complete and total dickwads.

And we’d be absolutely right.