Any Day

A couple with small kids found itself homeless. (It’s not a poverty thing, it’s a blue flight thing, whatever).

“I hope it all works out soon,” I tell the father.

“It will work out when we get Trump out of office!” he exclaims.

“I hope you find housing before that,” I object carefully.

The father looks at me, all confused.

“He’s getting impeached any day now,” he says.

6 thoughts on “Any Day”

  1. “it’s a blue flight thing, whatever”

    What does this mean? Is the family voluntarily (if unintentionally) homeless because they chose to move out of a dreaded Trump-loving red state??


      1. That is crazy. I can imagine deciding to move out of a deep red state, but you have to save up some money and sort out jobs and housing before you move.


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