It’s Everywhere

The same thing is happening in Russia right now. There is a wave of protests against unjustified arrests of dissidents. Facebook is banning everybody who supports the protesters and tries to inform readers about what’s going on. The pretexts that FB uses for the bans are as insane as in Kassam’s case. Ancient posts about nothing whatsoever. In the meanwhile, FB does absolutely nothing to users who heap antisemitic and sexist slurs on the dissidents or threaten to murder, dismember, or behead them.

To resume, FB finds it unacceptable when users say “men can’t be women” but is perfectly fine with with users who say “I’ll cut your head off, you [horrible insults]” to some people.

None of this is accidental. Facebook wants to eradicate certain ideas and certain political movements. And those ideas obviously have nothing to do with men being or not being women or whatever. The outlandish gender theories are useful because anybody can be tripped up with them. But that’s not what FB cares about. What then, you’ll ask?

The answer is simple: the Russian dissidents that FB has been banning all week are politically similar to Kassam.

All of this is just the beginning. The end goal is to make sure that we never even hear about the existence of any ideas that FB doesn’t like. There will only be political candidates that FB pre-approves.

As Shoshana Zuboff keeps pointing out in her book, this is the future we are creating for ourselves with our indifference and lack of interest in the workings of surveillance capitalism.

4 thoughts on “It’s Everywhere”

  1. As someone with many left-wing facebook friends, it’s not true that this is only used against the right. Many of my friends have alt accounts set up because they get banned so much. A facebook friend of mine who isn’t political at all got banned for a status that said “I hate men” (definitely meant as a complaint about her love life more than a genuine anti-man statement.)

    Of course, these are regular people, not public figures. I haven’t heard of many prominent liberals or lefties getting their accounts banned by facebook, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Although this guy who runs two left wing anti-cop pages says facebook has squelched his reach:


  2. \ the Russian dissidents that FB has been banning all week are politically similar to Kassam.

    Who is Kassam? Is he a right wing activist?

    Most importantly, what do the Russian dissidents really share (as opposed to FB excuses)? I thought pretty much anyone against Putin’s kleptocracy should be welcome by FB’s official standards.

    Don’t you think FB in Russia simply fulfills Putin’s orders in order to be permitted to continue functioning and earning money? I doubt the bans are because of any ideological disagreements with FB workers. Disagreements with Putin are a completely different matter, of course.


    1. The Russian dissidents and Kassam support nationalist, anti-globalization parties.

      Putin has no way to prevent FB from working in Russia. He tried, he failed. He doesn’t have the technology or the resources. He really hoped to do it a while ago but it failed completely.

      I see no other explanation but that the official policy of FB and Twitter is to ban everybody who is anti-globalization.


  3. Social media Silicone Valley Freaks have only ever been about power and control. They’ll ally with anyone who aligns with that goal, including murderous regimes and ruthlessly attack anyone else.
    However good it is for your business, at some level using Facebook at all is supporting your own oppression (now or in the future)


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