Let’s Say

Let’s say Hillary won the election.

And Trump’s supporters organized a movement called a Resistance. And walked with penis hats on their heads.

And called Chelsea a cunt on TV and everybody cheered.

And Trump would refuse to accept that he lost fair and square and kept bitching about the “stolen election.”

And when Hillary nominated a woman for the supreme court, they organized a bunch of unsubstantiated claims by men who said they witnessed her participate in orgies at 16.

And they’d spend years accusing Hillary of colluding with Angela Merkel to destroy the country by filling it with immigrants like Merkel did.

And since Merkel is German, and Nazis were German, they’d conclude Hillary was a Nazi.

And actors would pose with mockups of Hillary’s severed, bloody head.

And pop stars would rant about how great it would be to blow Hillary up.

And a TV actor would fake an attack by Hillary-supporting feminist harpies.

Let’s say this all happened.

We’d call these people complete and total dickwads.

And we’d be absolutely right.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Say”

    1. I have noticed that people who use the word “white privilege” seriously are 1) overwhelmingly white and 2) without a single exception, deeply unhappy with where they are. It can be geographic, professional, or other unhappiness but they all think they deserve better than life has given them. It’s existential bitterness that they feel.

      I’m not sure what the connection is but that’s my observation.


    2. I think one of deep answers lies in this passage:

      ” Asking whites to publicly confess their white privilege … may lead us to unfairly flatten the experience of whites while, ironically, actually shifting attention away from those who are underprivileged. The Cooley study shows that this isn’t just a hypothetical concern; it’s a reality that has been demonstrated through research. ”

      The American rhetoric of White Privilege serves the goals of neoliberalism by camouflaging and even justifying the creation of the new (mainly white) underclass. Any worsening of conditions can be denied or presented as a good thing deriving from whites starting to lose their previous unfair privileges.

      The poor woman in the article – talking about the privilege of having money to bury her two sons murdered by her late husband who committed suicide afterwards – is an extreme example, very shocking. Less extreme examples involve ‘privileged’ whites taking 100% responsibility for f.e. unstable economic conditions on themselves like good neoliberal subjects.

      Besides, if one is supposedly already privileged, it is another weapon against the idea of organizing with other workers to fight against economic conditions.

      “2) without a single exception, deeply unhappy with where they are. ”

      May be, evoking white privilege serves as a weapon against feeling powerless. An attempt to convice oneself things are better than they seem / are due to this privilege falling like manna from the sky without the benefactors being aware of it even … since they are too privileged to be.


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