Out with the Old

One of the sad changes that Lafayette underwent since we left 11 years ago is that the huge centrally located Barnes and Noble has shrunk to one fifth its former size and has been banished to the outskirts. In its place is now an enormous Verizon store.

“Students now stare at screens instead of books,” N commented.

The Road Trip

The landscape between St Louis and Lafayette, Indiana is my favorite in the world. I love it because it’s what Ukrainian landscape in my part of the country should look like. Endless fields under an endless sky and peaceful little farms here and there. But nature is powerless where people get involved, and this kind of landscape in Ukraine looks tortured, devastated, and miserable.

This is our first family road trip, and it went great except for the huge mistake we made by stopping for lunch at Cracker Barrel. I always wanted to experience the place but the food turned out to be too hardcore for us. N got so sick, he couldn’t even drive. I’m less sensitive, so I drove but it was still intense.

Of course, I brought a ton of food with us so we don’t need to eat out at all while we are here.

More later.