The Road Trip

The landscape between St Louis and Lafayette, Indiana is my favorite in the world. I love it because it’s what Ukrainian landscape in my part of the country should look like. Endless fields under an endless sky and peaceful little farms here and there. But nature is powerless where people get involved, and this kind of landscape in Ukraine looks tortured, devastated, and miserable.

This is our first family road trip, and it went great except for the huge mistake we made by stopping for lunch at Cracker Barrel. I always wanted to experience the place but the food turned out to be too hardcore for us. N got so sick, he couldn’t even drive. I’m less sensitive, so I drove but it was still intense.

Of course, I brought a ton of food with us so we don’t need to eat out at all while we are here.

More later.

10 thoughts on “The Road Trip”

  1. ?? How can you possibly call the all-American (okay, mainly Southern-style) food at Cracker Barrel “hardcore”??

    The first Cracker Barrel restaurants were opened in my home state of Tennessee, and when I moved to California 48 years ago I REALLY missed all that good Southern cooking (especially the delicious country ham and lemon icebox pie, then never found outside Dixie) until the Cracker Barrel chain went nationwide.


    1. Poor N was throwing up all the way up here. Even I felt out of sorts, and I can usually digest anything. All I ate was this thing called fried Chicken chicken. Weird but not without charm. And N also had turnip greens with ham.

      But the effect was horrible.


      1. “this thing called fried Chicken chicken.”

        Did you mean to type “fried CHIKEN chicken”? That’s actually a spicy Asian dish — definitely not from the American old South, and I’m surprised to see it at Cracker Barrel. (But I love spicy fried chicken, so I’ll have to try it!)

        Turnip greens with ham sounds delicious. You’re making me hungry, and I just ate! (Sorry about N…)


        1. “fried CHIKEN chicken”

          I looked up their online menu and it is indeed chicken fried chicken, which is a play on words from “chicken fried steak” with chicken breast instead of tenderized beef… my guess is that the culprit was the gravy, is there anything like gravy in Russian or Ukrainian cuisine?


            1. Chicken fried steak is beef (aged* and tenderized) while schnitzel is (I think) usually pork or veal. Also Chicken fried steak is served with gravy (add flour and milk and other stuff to the oil the meat was fried in and pour it over the potatoes and meat).

              *beef in America is usually sold already aged, you have to keep it refrigerated and cook it quickly or it goes bad, beef in europe is usually sold a lot fresher and keeps without refrigeration (or in refrigeration) a lot longer


      2. Is it this dish?

        I’m surprised you didn’t make a beeline for their “lighter fare.” Is it the fat or the nitrites N couldn’t deal with?
        How did Klara take it?


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