Scary Rally

A Klu Klux Klan (KKK) rally held in Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday drew only nine members to the event and hundreds of counter-protesters.

White supremacists are everywhere! Let’s suppress democracy to stave off the enormous danger! There are huge crowds of nine scary evildoers roaming the streets!

Those counter-protesters must feel very stupid.


A Greyhound road trip across the country has long been a hallmark of the American experience, a “leave the driving to us” way for those who couldn’t afford airfare or a car to come home from college, start new jobs, get to the coast, leave problematic situations behind.

I took long Greyhound trips dozens of times, first traveling from Connecticut to Montreal and then from Montreal to Indiana. It was a great experience that taught me to appreciate this country more than I thought was possible. Everything was modest yet clean, convenient, and allowed me to preserve my dignity even in poverty.

But will Greyhounds buses become more like the buses I remember from back in Ukraine? A NYTimes article reports on the current state of Greyhound bus lines that now transport enormous numbers of migrants:

Refuse had long before overfilled the available trash bins, and a rank odor wafted out from the restrooms. Mothers, fathers and children huddled together on scraps of cardboard, atop tattered blankets and splayed jackets. Feverish babies with runny noses fussed in their mothers’ arms.

People who go on these buses are folks of modest means. They don’t have cars, can’t afford gas for a long trip, and don’t have the money to fly. Greyhound buslines are their way to travel and still have some self-respect. It’s easy to despise them and feel like they shouldn’t mind the destruction of their spaces to benefit migrants.

The article is paywalled but if you can read it, there’s a great explanation of how capital purposefully squeezes out the traditional users of the lines to substitute then with the new ones. The only problem is that once you reduce the bus stations to this 3rd-world state, there’s no going back. In order to survive, Greyhound will push for an endless stream of displaced people who won’t mind the stench and the slum-like conditions. And we will all cheer on because we are too rich to go on Greyhound buses and can be magnanimous at the expense of those who do.

Love of Humanity

This is such a wonderful country. We stopped at a highway gas station on our way here, and it had bathrooms and showers for truck drivers. The toilets were cleaner than the Ukrainian leadership gets back in Ukraine. What Ukrainian truck drivers have to use, you don’t want to imagine, I promise.

In Lafayette we found a zoo with a kid railroad and a huge playground. Everything is beautifully organized, convenient, and spotless.

Where I come from, everything is made with the utmost degree of hatred for human beings. You can’t understand it unless you experience it.

Forever Young

The Left’s hatred of the older folks is rooted in the Orwellian desire to forget everything that happened, was believed, and was considered normal until 5 seconds ago. This is supposed to make the insane ideas they peddle more palatable.

In the USSR, this raging contempt towards older people was also a big thing. Young people were very easy to bamboozle into hounding the designated enemies. Plus, they could dedicate a ton of energy to this activity.

NYTimes: What Does the Release of John Walker Lindh Mean?

Trump needs to speak out against the Bubonic plague for the NYTimes to start informing us what a boon to humanity it actually was.

Just the MS-13 apologia that we’ve seen in the past year is enough to prove that many people suffer from stunted development and are forever stuck in their early teenage years.

Bubble Tea

Another thing I always wanted to try and finally did is bubble tea. It sounds so light, airy, and appealing.

The result turned out to be as atrocious as the Cracker Barrel fare, though. The bubbles turned out to be made of glompy mass that left us thirstier than before.

We are planning a visit to the best Indian buffet in the world today but we aren’t sure it’s still open. And we can’t find out because we forgot the name.