Forever Young

The Left’s hatred of the older folks is rooted in the Orwellian desire to forget everything that happened, was believed, and was considered normal until 5 seconds ago. This is supposed to make the insane ideas they peddle more palatable.

In the USSR, this raging contempt towards older people was also a big thing. Young people were very easy to bamboozle into hounding the designated enemies. Plus, they could dedicate a ton of energy to this activity.


6 thoughts on “Forever Young”

  1. The thought of bigoted Tory members deciding my fate would be horrifying, no matter what their age. Most conservatives daddy issues is that they aren’t as tough as their father.


        1. Oh no, leftists are filled with love. For everybody except for bigots. Unfortunately, everybody who disagrees with them is a bigot. And racist. And horrifying. Etc, etc. :-)))


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