Love of Humanity

This is such a wonderful country. We stopped at a highway gas station on our way here, and it had bathrooms and showers for truck drivers. The toilets were cleaner than the Ukrainian leadership gets back in Ukraine. What Ukrainian truck drivers have to use, you don’t want to imagine, I promise.

In Lafayette we found a zoo with a kid railroad and a huge playground. Everything is beautifully organized, convenient, and spotless.

Where I come from, everything is made with the utmost degree of hatred for human beings. You can’t understand it unless you experience it.


5 thoughts on “Love of Humanity”

  1. It’s the same in India and I’ve had the same reaction as you about it. But I’ve always wondered how much of it is love for humanity and how much of it is having more wealth. Perhaps they are the same thing, in some sense…


  2. “everything is made with the utmost degree of hatred for human beings”

    A lot of that isn’t Ukrainian I assume but straight from communism and was, I think, a purposeful strategy of wearing people out through inconvenience and psychological warfare (so they won’t have the energy to challenge the power structures).

    Poland is over the worst of that (there are problems still but nothing remotely like even 20 years ago) and life in most ways is demonstrably and visibly more comfortable without a non-stop stream of petty aggravations with the occasional major catastrophe to spice things up.

    Ukraine only started to really seriously think of de-Sovietization around 15 years ago so I imagine it’s a lot less disentangled from the ethos of public life as non-stop ordeal. Russians have yet to even begin to think about it as far as I can tell….


  3. In Israel things are clean too. I think it’s a trait of (almost?) all first-world countries.

    Wish you to continue enjoying your trip. 🙂


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