NYTimes: What Does the Release of John Walker Lindh Mean?

Trump needs to speak out against the Bubonic plague for the NYTimes to start informing us what a boon to humanity it actually was.

Just the MS-13 apologia that we’ve seen in the past year is enough to prove that many people suffer from stunted development and are forever stuck in their early teenage years.


4 thoughts on “NYTimes: What Does the Release of John Walker Lindh Mean?”

      1. You appear to believe that he’s being turned loose to be a jihadi again.

        Under the conditions of his release, Mr. Lindh is barred from owning an internet-connected device without permission from the probation office. He is also barred, unless otherwise approved, from any online communications not in English and may not communicate with any known extremists.

        Mr. Lindh is prohibited from owning a passport and from international travel, too, a ban that prevents the immediate possibility of a move to Ireland. Mr. Lindh obtained Irish citizenship through his grandmother while in prison.

        Under the terms of his release, he must also undergo mental health counseling.

        That’s from the NYT.

        Tell me again how much of a threat he is?


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