Scary Rally

A Klu Klux Klan (KKK) rally held in Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday drew only nine members to the event and hundreds of counter-protesters.

White supremacists are everywhere! Let’s suppress democracy to stave off the enormous danger! There are huge crowds of nine scary evildoers roaming the streets!

Those counter-protesters must feel very stupid.


13 thoughts on “Scary Rally”

  1. Most of the people were from fairly nearby so no big deal that there wasn’t much to counterprotest. There were also groups looking to promote their cause as much as to protest these specific KKK members, and they got the publicity they wanted; there’s pictures of a handsome New Black Panther that have been getting shared a lot, for example. I bet the Dayton police feel stupid for shipping up extra police from Cincinnati to what ended up being an uneventful protest though. Altogether it was funny how Ohioan the whole event was; there were even Mennonites!


    1. “I bet the Dayton police feel stupid for shipping up extra police from Cincinnati to what ended up being an uneventful protest.”

      The Dayton police were smart to show up in force. If any “Antifa” cretin anarchist thugs had shown up to make trouble, the cops would have looked like fools for being unprepared.


      1. I hate Antifa as much as you do. But there was nobody to make trouble with, so much like other counterprotests where barely any white supremacists showed up, they didn’t do anything. Dayton police alone would’ve sufficed (although I’m not sure there’s any way they could’ve known for sure in advance, hindsight is 20/20)


  2. Heh. I’ve been amazed at how deeply attached so many people have become to the delusion that we’re living in 1930s Germany and masses of Nazis are marching down the streets day and night. It’s such blatant ego stroking. You get to imagine that you’re some sort of brave hero without actually doing anything except posting outraged tweets on twitter.


        1. I have no idea what this means.

          Spanish-speakers prefer to speak Spanish to each other. Are you suggesting that I should try to bribe people into abandoning this preference? How much would you charge to abandon your language?


          1. Several times you’ve talked about how you tried to pay service workers or other Hispanophonics to Speak Spanish to you for practice, they take the money and instead practice their English with you. LOL!


            1. You are confusing me with somebody. I don’t need to “practice” Spanish. I teach it for a living.

              I’ve been wondering if you are on a wrong blog.


              1. “wondering if you are on a wrong blog”

                It’s a little like being stopped on the street by someone who is sure they know you (and you have no idea who they are….)


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