Canadian Prices

What’s cheaper in Montreal is pedicure. Not for any nefarious reasons but because it’s a lot faster. A pedicure where I live takes an hour 15 minutes. And here, it’s an hour for both manicure and pedicure. The whole thing feels a little industrial because the manicurist moves with a military precision. She ends up making more per hour but the procedure is cheaper for me.

Everything else, though – food, books, the kids’ gym, toiletries, children’s shoes, and most of all gas – is ruinously expensive. And it’s not like the people we are visiting live in the equivalent of Manhattan. They live in a green, quiet suburb like we do.

Doxxing Dissenters

Just look at how our diversity-loving, super-duper-progressive, intersectional overlords destroy a black blue-collar worker who dares to like a politician they disapprove of.

They just go and doxx the guy. And it’s not racist or classist in the least because he forgot that his role is to be seen and not heard. Serves him right for not understanding that he isn’t supposed to be having opinions. He’s supposed to be feeling eternally grateful to the diversity-loving crowd. And since he’s not, they feel free to destroy him.

Police Scam

Talking about scams, I was targeted by police scammers recently. A fellow called me on the phone and said he’s with the local police department and they received some complaints about me. This is obviously ridiculous, so I immediately hung up. But people who are anxious or scared of authority could believe the scammer and start asking questions.

It’s the Rape, Stupid

Just now on FB somebody reacted to the MLK gang rape story with “Well, Trump is also unfaithful to his wife but he didn’t do anything good for people while MLK did.”

First of all, what the ef does Trump have to do with any of it? Can anything even be discussed any more without immediately pointing out how evil Trump is?

But more importantly, it’s scary that people see a story about a rape and deflect with a ridiculous discussion about marital infidelity. I don’t give a fuck about other people’s infidelities. I’m talking about a crime. A horrible crime.

The worst part is that the commenter in question is one of those aggressively #MeTooing pussy-hatters. I used to think that, well, at least, once Trump is out of office, this insanity will end. But I no longer think it will. This will go on forever. People won’t let him go. He’s clearly the most important, exciting and fun thing that ever happened to them.