Police Scam

Talking about scams, I was targeted by police scammers recently. A fellow called me on the phone and said he’s with the local police department and they received some complaints about me. This is obviously ridiculous, so I immediately hung up. But people who are anxious or scared of authority could believe the scammer and start asking questions.


3 thoughts on “Police Scam”

  1. “Talking about scams”

    Does Bauman write about the rise of scamming that accompanies fluidity? Of course scams have always existed but fluidity seems to drastically multiply them both in absolute numbers and in degree.

    Are the Russian language equivalents of the Mandarin speaking scams that are meant to intimidate elderly Chinese and relieve them of most of their money?


    1. I get a lot of calls in Chinese but nothing in Russian. The Russians have enough victims in their own country. It’s very easy to scam older people in Russia because they are not adapting to capitalism.


  2. All a scammer impersonating authority would have to do is present themselves in the typically strongarm and threatening manner common to authority in general.
    We’re all trained to be intimidated by anyone who’s either in charge or behaves aggressively enough to impress us as such. And, given all the harsh laws with their accompanying harsh penalties, in addition to the legally mandated reverence we’re expected to show anyone in authority, one can get quickly frightened into instant compliance.


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