Big News

A tweet from ABC:

The pastor of a Virginia church has asked God to give President Donald Trump wisdom to lead the country.

These people, sheesh. It’s a standard prayer in many denominations completely regardless of who’s president. In the Orthodox Church we pray “for the president of this country, civil authorities, and the armed forces.” It’s part of every Sunday service.

Opioids and Kids

From JD Vance’s recent talk:

I was talking with a woman who’s the only licensed youth counselor in that section of Ohio, a very tough job in an area very hard hit. And she was telling me about an eight-year-old kid of hers, an eight-year-old patient, who had become addicted to opioids. Now, the way this kid had become addicted to opioids is that his parents, like a lot of folks in the area, dealt drugs on the side to support their habit, and because they didn’t have a lot of money, they would reward this kid, they would send this kid on drug runs to deliver the drugs. And when he made a successful delivery, they would give him a Vicodin because they didn’t have a whole lot of money laying around, but they had a whole lot of pills laying around.

What I don’t get is why one never hears anybody but conservatives talk about this.

MLK’s Pink Giraffes

People are going certifiably loopy over the MLK revelations:

Via Clarissa, MLK gets #metoo’d. Somehow it’s news he was an adulterer and had unsavoury proclivities. The author of the original article (here) had been writing about this since the eighties, if memory serves. It only becomes a hot issue now because it can be used to virtue signal. I remember about ten years ago CBC radio broadcast many MLK speeches praising the man. How times change.

One can keep saying “rape, rape, rape”, and people will clap their eyes and repeat “but what’s the big deal with adultery?” ad infinitum. I’m finding it impossible to meet a person who wouldn’t use the word “adultery” in this context. Adultery is as relevant to the issue as pink giraffes but you can’t use giraffes to deflect. Otherwise, people would keep mentioning it all the time.