Opioids and Kids

From JD Vance’s recent talk:

I was talking with a woman who’s the only licensed youth counselor in that section of Ohio, a very tough job in an area very hard hit. And she was telling me about an eight-year-old kid of hers, an eight-year-old patient, who had become addicted to opioids. Now, the way this kid had become addicted to opioids is that his parents, like a lot of folks in the area, dealt drugs on the side to support their habit, and because they didn’t have a lot of money, they would reward this kid, they would send this kid on drug runs to deliver the drugs. And when he made a successful delivery, they would give him a Vicodin because they didn’t have a whole lot of money laying around, but they had a whole lot of pills laying around.

What I don’t get is why one never hears anybody but conservatives talk about this.