Piles of trash left after a progressive protest:

I’m sure all of these people care deeply about the environment.

Here is a relevant quote from Tucker:

Our environmental leaders don’t care about litter anymore, or even about the state of the natural world, the birds or the riverbanks. They’ve got bigger concerns now—global concerns, moral concerns—that ordinary fishermen stepping over dirty diapers and Tecate bottles couldn’t possibly understand or appreciate. But they feel good about themselves, and that’s what matters.

And one more:

As a theology, environmentalism speaks deeply to America’s elites. Its moral absolutes affirm them, adding meaning to their otherwise secular world. The collapse of mainline Protestantism left a void in the hearts of America’s ruling class. The environmental movement fills it. Seen this way, the movement’s new priorities make sense. Environmentalism as a religion is more compelling than environmentalism as a means to save birds or clean up some river in Maine. After a while, details about the natural world begin to seem irrelevant. Compared to questions of virtue and salvation, they’re not that interesting.

Back at Yale, students organized a protest once in support of the rights of the janitorial staff. There were great speeches about the solidarity with the janitors and the need to treat them with dignity. After all the speeches were over, students left. The building was completely trashed. There were heaps of litter everywhere. The janitorial staff had to pick it all up.

6 thoughts on “Litter”

  1. “Piles of trash”

    Are there broader shots? It looks like maybe they were instructed to leave the signs at the edge of the field where they would be picked up later… (I’ve heard of that kind of arrangement). Without a broader perspective it’s hard to tell…

    On the other hand, I’m sure that protestors about anything at Yale would be a bunch of insufferable and self-righteous pricks who cause massive problems for anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves a target of their benevolence….


    1. Exactly, not litter, but police generally are not happy about folk leaving a protest, carrying potential weapons, so placards would be left piled ready for recycling pick up.


  2. People are always so clueless about the effects their behaviors have on others. That’s how they can demand perfectionism from others while still being free to do whatever they wish.
    That’s how they can treat others like shit or display condescending attitudes while still being allowed to “extort” respect and consideration from those around them.
    These are the ones who spit on the sidewalks where others have to walk.
    These are folks who make messes and just leave them for others to deal with.
    These are the assholes who block doorways and aisles and hog the sidewalks, then accuse you of “assault” if you bump into them trying to squeeze through to get wherever you’re going—or, if you dare to make a snide comment about any of them, you’ll be threaten with either potential arrest or having acts of domestic terrorism committed against you for “saying something ‘abusive’ to them”.
    They’re the ones who are menaces both behind the wheel and on bicycles.
    They’re the ones who are always loud, noisy, invasive, bossy, domineering (like they “own everything”)—but will complain to whoever’s in authority should you do anything to them they consider invasive, imposing, or insulting.


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