Ohioans Stick It to Oberlin

Good news, folks! The bakery that was defamed and almost ruined by rich snowflakes at Oberlin won in court:

Ohio jury awards $11 million to bakery owners targeted by Oberlin College student protests

For those who don’t know, the bakery was accused of racism by the school after several students tried to shoplift wine from it. The owner called the police, the shoplifters were arrested and eventually pled guilty. But this all happened the week after Trump won the election, and the rich brats needed an outlet for their feelings of self-righteousness. So they attacked the bakery.

I’ve been following the story for months and I’m very happy that the bakery won. The shamelessness of the wealthy dicks who tried to ruin a business for defending itself against their rich-ass pranks is ridiculous. Maybe the next time the college’s administration will think twice before caving in to the worst representatives of the student body.

To Ottawa

We are off to Ottawa. The main source of pleasure from these trips is the feeling of “I’m a good mother. I’m providing sociability opportunities and educational experiences to my child.” I mean, I love Ottawa but I love the feeling of having a reprieve from maternal guilt a lot more.