Ohioans Stick It to Oberlin

Good news, folks! The bakery that was defamed and almost ruined by rich snowflakes at Oberlin won in court:

Ohio jury awards $11 million to bakery owners targeted by Oberlin College student protests

For those who don’t know, the bakery was accused of racism by the school after several students tried to shoplift wine from it. The owner called the police, the shoplifters were arrested and eventually pled guilty. But this all happened the week after Trump won the election, and the rich brats needed an outlet for their feelings of self-righteousness. So they attacked the bakery.

I’ve been following the story for months and I’m very happy that the bakery won. The shamelessness of the wealthy dicks who tried to ruin a business for defending itself against their rich-ass pranks is ridiculous. Maybe the next time the college’s administration will think twice before caving in to the worst representatives of the student body.

14 thoughts on “Ohioans Stick It to Oberlin”

  1. I started reading that blog and, at first, was unsure whethere the business should’ve dropped the charges. Till I read about the three would be thieves beating up an elderly bakery owner Allyn Gibson who uses a walker. Here is his photo:


    And here the description:

    // Quite the opposite happened, Ortiz testified, as he was one of the first on the scene and the police report backs him up on this.

    “When we got there, we saw two young ladies [Endia Lawrence and Cecelia Whettstone] standing over [Allyn Gibson] and throwing haymakers at him,” Ortiz said. “The two women would stand over him and kick him, and then crouch down and throw punches. As we got closer, we could see [Allyn Gibson] on his back, with the male [Jonathan Aladin] on top of him and punching him.”

    If this it true, why wasn’t it stressed at court? Isn’t physical attack a more serious crime than an attempted theft?

    I believe the university officials didn’t care much about BLM but all about pushing the bakery owners to drop charges in order to protect university’s name from the shame of its students being convicted of crime.


  2. Ok, found out they were charged with physical attack and plead guilty: “These three students have been charged with robbery, simple assault and attempted petty theft-shoplifting.”

    Turns out the assaulted Allyn Gibson is 90 years old. Those students (1 male and 2 female) are animals.

    Again, instead of serious punishments for a crime, I read “In August of 2017, when the three shoplifters plead guilty and were put on probation.” Were not they fined at least? The college was, but the students themselves? They should’ve been sent away by a college too, at least for one semester.


    1. You called the non-white students animals. This college would already be expelling you for the horrific violence of your words. The real violence of the students’ actions is, of course, completely justified.

      I’ve been following the story precisely because it’s so egregious. And nobody cares. A teenager in a MAGA hat was eviscerated by the media for standing still and “smirking.” Imagine what would happen if these were white, Trump-supporting students. The CNN would talk about nothing else for months. But since the incident doesn’t reflect poorly on Trump, nobody cares.


  3. Border Patrol facility in El Paso secretly dumping dirty water into city’s drinking supply

    EL PASO, Texas — Border Patrol’s largest migrant holding facility in El Paso, Texas, has been illegally disposing contaminated water into a drain that funnels water back to the city to use as drinking water for the county’s 840,000 residents.

    The activity has been taking place since at least April., according to the National Border Patrol Council.

    Its local chapter told the Washington Examiner agents had reported witnessing several instances of workers at the El Paso Station dumping large amounts of “gray water” into an outdoor drain that sits under an awning where agents used to wash their vehicles.
    “Gray water is used water. It’s not port-a-potty water, but it’s soiled water from showers and laundry facilities,” a union official said during a visit to the station this week.

    The union also said stations in El Paso continue to see outbreaks of scabies, measles, active tuberculosis cases, and other infectious and communicable diseases among detainees who use the showers and laundry services.

    The dumping started at or before April. The federal agency has refused to provide any proof to the American Federation of Government Employees affiliate union that it has hired an outside company to come in and haul the dirty water off to a waste management site, which would indicate it is still dumping it down the on-site drain.

    “We’ve had agents seen them do that,” said the official.
    The allegation that a federal agency is potentially violating Environmental Protection Agency and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regulations comes three weeks since the city of El Paso launched a public campaign across several departments targeting illegal water dumpers.

    The city did not state in its May 15 campaign announcement what prompted the move or if it was due to a possible uptick found in toxic particles in the city’s water reserves, which would include the dirty water Border Patrol began dumping at least a month earlier.

    This specific station is home to mostly families and had approximately 1,500 people in custody this week, with up to 3,500 in custody at the sector’s 10 smaller stations where migrants are also held, according to a Border Patrol agent.

    A union representative pointed out the drain being used for the dumping during a recent visit to the property. The official said Border Patrol would face “huge fines” if the city found out it was secretly getting rid of the bad water this way instead of having professionals haul it off to specific plant facilities.

    “They’re supposed to lug it off, but they don’t want to pay for it,” the union representative said.

    Border Patrol’s El Paso region is holding far too many people in enclosed spaces for significantly longer periods of time than it it supposed to, according to a Department of Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General report released this week. The report stated some El Paso sector detainees were wearing soiled clothes and were being held in unsanitary conditions.

    Customs and Border Protection told the inspector general it has not been able to meet internal standards and transfer people to other agencies within 72 hours because those other agencies are overwhelmed and cannot accept new detainees as quickly as Customs and Border Protection needs to release them.


    1. No, there is no crisis on the border. Scabies, measles, tuberculosis – that’s not a crisis at all. And this is no threat to the welfare system either. Hauling water to “specific plant facilities” is not impacting public funds.

      Let’s pretend this isn’t happening because if we notice, we must be Nazis.


  4. Regarding the situation on the border and people coming with kids to exploit the loophole, like that 100+ group from Africa that somebody mentioned a few days ago: does anyone ever check the kids are biologically theirs? Why not take DNA samples from all adults and children and hold them till the results come? Imagine the horror and the scandal if border agents had proof some children are trafficked. The American lawmakers would have to react fast to prevent similar cases.

    I suppose in most cases those are really parents with their own kids, but also remember a deserted toddler you mentioned.


    1. Oh yeah, they get checked. At least 30% are found not to be genetically related. But so what? You still can’t hold or deport anybody. Everybody still has to be released into the country.

      There was a very recent situation where a genetics test revealed all this and the only reaction from the lawmakers was to cut funding for more of such tests. Because nobody cares if the kids are trafficked or not.


      1. \ There was a very recent situation where a genetics test revealed all this and the only reaction from the lawmakers was to cut funding for more of such tests.

        This is a horrible human rights violation of the most powerless – children.

        Somebody should approach both Tucker and Left human rights orgs to create public awareness of the issue.

        Both Conservatives and Democrats can fight it, even if in not the same way, probably.


        1. This is not a secret. People simply don’t care. You are a good person, so you can’t understand it. But people honestly don’t give a crap unless they can use it to make some inane partisan point.


          1. // honestly don’t give a crap unless they can use it to make some inane partisan point.

            People can be made to care, if one is smart enough to show them how the plight of the children at the border can be used to make a million of partisan points, both inane and sane.

            Trump’s rhetoric of the wall won’t be dumped since it brings him voters desiring to be outraged f.e. However, he can add the points about the trafficked kids to dwell on Liberals’ hypocrisy of presenting themselves as protectors of the downtrodden while ignoring the most abused and unwilling border crossers. Doesn’t Right enjoy any Liberal hypocrisy? Talking about Liberals participating in human rights abuses must be their greatest pleasure and wildest dream, no?

            As for Liberals / Democrats, I think they may find it more difficult than Conservatives to discuss the issue since they do not want to be seen as doing anything ‘exclusionary’, as walling in and supporting Trump’s points regarding border control. If they mention this issue, they’ll have to present an immigration policy which they don’t want to do in order not to lose voters.


  5. Had to link here since it’s too funny for words:

    // A 22-year old female University of Utah student reported her business professor to campus administrators for, among other things, assigning too many historical texts written by influential male economists of the past.

    “I understand the importance of studying the work of those before us and the importance of context,” wrote the student in a complaint to the university’s bias reporting system, where she labeled the professor’s transgressions “derogatory,” “degrading,” and “intimidating,” thereby causing a “hostile learning environment.”

    The report also accused the professor of frequent sexist language, but the bulk of the complaint centered on his assigned readings for the business course.


    I’ve studied economics and have always had the impression that (almost?) all past and majority of present economists were and are male. Where the professor is supposed to find female influential authors of the past is anybody’s guess.


  6. Haven’t known the details and the shocking number of human mistakes:

    Ну а раз так, то вот вам текст про Фукусиму

    По концентрации идиотизма на квадратный сантиметр эта история заметно превосходит чернобыльскую, а что до последствий, то они даже сегодня, спустя 8 лет после аварии, произошли ещё не все.



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