Hillary Clinton warned during an alumnae event Saturday at Wellesley College that fascism is coming to America. She cited Madeline Albright’s book, “Fascism: A Warning,” and sounded the alarm: “The idea that it can’t happen here is just old fashioned, my friends.”

She’s not an idiot, so she knows this is utter crap. But still she says it to rile up those who are idiots. And the only reason to do so is vindictiveness. This is a very rich lady of a pretty advanced age who can’t get over losing years ago. It’s pathetic, that’s what it is. I detested Romney and didn’t respect McCain but at least they managed to accept losing the election.

The image of these mature ladies who abandon all dignity and self-awareness trying to renegotiate elections they lost ages ago is embarrassing.

If Hillary keeps this up, she’ll lose us another election without even trying.

2 thoughts on “Vindictive”

  1. Thank you for keeping me informed on the doings of Hillary Clinton, someone who I pay no attention to in my current life of varying levels of political awareness. đŸ™‚

    By the way, why is it that when I reverse search that quote (seriously, I can manage to HTML tag on the phone so I don’t understand why this is super difficult on your end) that I only get right wing sources?



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