We Won

So we won?? And beat the meanest team in existence?

That’s major.


I got exactly 2,5 hours of sleep tonight and then spent all day traveling home with Klara. N was going to come home early from work but there was a car accident on the Mississippi bridge, so he got stuck in traffic for 3 hours.

Klara is calm in airports and after a long trip if I’m completely emotionally and intellectually plugged in. The moment I get frustrated or distracted, she becomes anxious because she’s three, and it gets overwhelming.

So you can imagine the day I had, the number of stories I told, pictures I painted, games I played, 5 little monkeys stories I read, songs I sang, and liters of coffee I imbibed.

In the midst of it all, one image of total relaxation and me-time at the end of the long, long day kept me going. What was it, you’d ask? A couple of cocktails? A veg-out session in front of the TV? A long bath? No, no, and no.

What I did the moment N got home was drive to a grocery store and wander the aisles. And it really helped. I’m now off to another grocery store. And then probably to a third one.

I’m too tired even to think of eating. But being around aisles and aisles of food makes me feel normal and at peace.

For new readers: I grew up in the USSR. No meditation helps me like a stroll down the toilet paper aisle.

I’m not sure if I’m spelling the word aisle correctly. I’m so tired that it looks very strange.

No Money Needed

I know how to improve the public education system. My plan would cost 0 dollars 0 cents, and it’s extremely easy to implement.

We need to change the way we license teachers. I spent years feeling deeply puzzled by the complete ignorance of high school graduates who come to college. And then I saw the curriculum used in our teacher education program, and immediately understood.

We need to reduce the number of pedagogy courses to two. And completely eliminate everything else that is not content courses from teacher education programs.

That’s it. No money needed. The teachers we license would be of significantly higher quality.

I’m a representative of the fifth generation of women teachers in my family. I was born into education and read pedagogy manuals for fun in childhood. I know a lot about education. I do not see how “more money” improves education outcomes.

We could also dramatically improve my university with zero money. I have a list of things that could be done tomorrow at no expense. We could actually save a packet if we adopted my ideas. But this is the kind of ideas that nobody dares to imagine, let alone voice.