I got exactly 2,5 hours of sleep tonight and then spent all day traveling home with Klara. N was going to come home early from work but there was a car accident on the Mississippi bridge, so he got stuck in traffic for 3 hours.

Klara is calm in airports and after a long trip if I’m completely emotionally and intellectually plugged in. The moment I get frustrated or distracted, she becomes anxious because she’s three, and it gets overwhelming.

So you can imagine the day I had, the number of stories I told, pictures I painted, games I played, 5 little monkeys stories I read, songs I sang, and liters of coffee I imbibed.

In the midst of it all, one image of total relaxation and me-time at the end of the long, long day kept me going. What was it, you’d ask? A couple of cocktails? A veg-out session in front of the TV? A long bath? No, no, and no.

What I did the moment N got home was drive to a grocery store and wander the aisles. And it really helped. I’m now off to another grocery store. And then probably to a third one.

I’m too tired even to think of eating. But being around aisles and aisles of food makes me feel normal and at peace.

For new readers: I grew up in the USSR. No meditation helps me like a stroll down the toilet paper aisle.

I’m not sure if I’m spelling the word aisle correctly. I’m so tired that it looks very strange.

2 thoughts on “Me-time”

  1. A great post! The absurdity of it, and then when you remind the readers that you grew up in the USSR it becomes not absurd at all. Enjoy your me-time, my friend!


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