Old News

Are people not aware of Adam Schiff actively soliciting dirt on a political opponent from Russians or something? I thought this was very old news.

It’s actually doing as opposed to saying something about a hypothetical future situation.

6 thoughts on “Old News”

  1. I never heard about this. Then again, whenever I see “Adam Schiff” in a headline I avert my eyes.


    1. I know because the Russians made a total meal out of it. This fed into their favorite “dumb Americans” narrative. And in Schiff’s case, it’s hard to blame them.


  2. A member of an investigative committee accepting information for the work of the committee, in pursuit of official duties, in a way determined by the judgment of the committee as a group, is different from a candidate accepting information for use in his own campaign at his own discretion.

    These are important distinctions. When these distinctions are diligently maintained institutions can work. When they are blurred you get corruption and dysfunction.


    1. The only candidate who actually accepted information for use in her own campaign was Hillary. It’s very different from saying that you might theoretically listen to something before passing it on to the FBI.

      These are important distinctions. 🙂


  3. Hiring an individual who is a foreign citizen is very different from accepting a “favor” from someone. In a work-for-hire the person doing the hiring has the advantage, generally. When you accept a favor, you now owe somebody, and if the somebody that you owe is an agent of a foreign government, you are in a compromised position.

    These are also important distinctions.

    Keep in mind, I didn’t vote for Clinton and I don’t have any sympathy for her, but none of this changes the fact that Trump is deeply compromised and openly stating that he’d be willing to compromise himself further. These facts should be of grave concern when they involve a head of government.

    I can call Trump compromised without supporting Hillary Clinton. I can see rot on all sides.


    1. It’s just a weird situation where one party constantly accepts, solicits and purchases dirt on opponents from Russia bit nobody cares. Then the other party mentions casually a hypothetical scenario of maybe taking a look at something that’s not likely to exist. (Because Russia is not likely to help Trump at this point, obviously.) And everybody starts screaming to the sky.

      All Trump does is run his mouth. In the meantime, Obama and Hillary have been actively promoting Russia’s interests in tangible ways for years. For years. And nobody cares about the favors they owe. Nobody mentioned how compromised Obama was in relation to Russia in his entire presidency. Nobody mentioned Hillary’s ties to every Russian oligarch in existence during the campaign.

      And all Trump does is just say something clumsy. The hypocrisy is just too much. The Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky bought up half of Cleveland. How is that less of a scandal than some stupid interview on TV? How come the people who allowed that are not compromised by their clearly corrupt actions while Trump is by a TV comment?


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