Tucker Reports on the Bakery

Tucker is finally covering the legal battle between Oberlin and the bakery it tried to ruin.

I’d really love to hear what the defenders of Oberlin’s actions in this case believe. They’ve got to have a narrative to justify its actions. The dean who openly said she wanted to unleash students on the small business, she’s got to have a narrative.

If anybody has links, I’d love to see them. It’s always good to hear both sides.

13 thoughts on “Tucker Reports on the Bakery”

  1. Do your readers know that the Oberon saga hasn’t ended yet?

    // EXCLUSIVE: Oberlin College insurer likely to reject coverage for Gibson Bakery $11 million verdict
    and also for the potential additional $22 million in punitive damages, if those are awarded in a separate hearing.

    The Lexington policy does not provide coverage for “bodily injury” or “property damage” intentionally caused by defendants. … plaintiffs Gibson Bros., Inc., Allyn Gibson, and David Gibson allege that defendants Oberlin and Ms. Raimondo published material that falsely characterized the bakery owned by plaintiffs (“Gibson’s”) as being a racist establishment. … If it is established that the defendants knew the alleged statements were false, or if the defendants knew their alleged acts would violate plaintiffs’ rights, the Lexington policy would exclude coverage for any resultant damage.



  2. Judging by your posts, you’ve returned home, so I wanted to ask whether you’ve seen the mail I sent on Jun 8. In case you missed.

    I’ve already finished reading “Capital” by John Lanchester and enjoyed it a lot. May be, it’s not deep enough to write a thesis about (if you read, would love to hear your view of its literary quality), but it’s a very nice reading: many well depicted characters of EU London, a sense of humor, a detective story and quite a few things struck me as being true to life. I also felt something towards quite a few characters, and believe you’ll enjoy it too.

    You can try to read the prologue to see if you enjoy the writing style.


      1. \ I haven’t read it yet. I’ll have to wait until my real vacation.

        When does it start? My vacation – this week. 🙂


          1. // Are you done with the exam? How did it go??

            Thanks for asking. 🙂 I’ve submitted the final paper, but haven’t received the grade yet.

            I still want to do this thesis, so started searching again. The school year is ending this week, we are going to the Dead Sea and since I feel sure I have my degree anyway, the energy has gone up. When I was studying for BA, I almost completely stopped reading for fun. Now started again with this book and will try the German novel “Capital” too. May be, the two Capitals could be connected somehow, even though they are different, I already see.

            Anyway, the book is a pleasure to read, unlike “Small Hours.” Even if it’s a light lit, it’s funny, light, touching light lit. Now I want to check John Lanchester’s another novel. Pity there is no Russian translation, I want to share with my mother too.


          2. Regarding travel, I wanted to go on an organized trip to US this summer with my mother, but because of several reasons we won’t go this year. ( Btw, this trip costs 3 times more than one to Europe. 😦 )

            So I loaned книгу Неделя на Манхэттене, Марии Арбатовой to read at Dead Sea. 🙂

            I looked through it and got the impression she presents American realities in too bleak colors. For instance, talks about the case of an African-American woman telling people not to call an ambulance during giving birth because of not having money / insurance.

            What made me think of you was stumbling on a fragment in which she describes American parents medicating a child with strong medicine used in insane homes in FSU. And then not seeing anything bad when Arbatova expressed her pov.

            Here is the book’s beginning:


            1. I love Arbatova, she brought me and my husband together, and she’s a talented playwright. But you need to know that she’s a passionate Putinoid, Russian imperialist and completely anti-US and anti-Israel. Just read it through that lens, OK?

              In terms of the trip, swing by us if you want to see real America, the good, the excellent, and the ugly. 🙂 We have a lot of space to stay.


  3. The Chronicle of Higher Education has an interesting story about this (no link, I only have access to TCHE from my office computer). What really makes it interesting is their interviews with some first amendment law experts. They say that while big libel judgements are usually overturned on appeal on first amendment grounds, they think there’s a reasonable chance that this one might stick. Apparently the Oberlin administrators were astonishingly dumb regarding the things they were willing to say on the record and in email.

    Also amazing is the juvenile behavior of these people. It’s at least understandable, if not admirable, coming from 18 year olds, but these people are adults.


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