Price of Housework

If I had the money to hire someone to clean my house, I wouldn’t need a damn “app for that.” I could throw a stone out my front door and hit fifteen or twenty people eager to clean my house, mow my lawn, deal with my scraggly oak trees, do my laundry, and any other job I could pay them ten dollars an hour to do.

Yeah… Nope.

Unless you are willing to exploit undocumented immigrants, house-cleaning (vacuuming, dusting, floor-washing and nothing else) goes for $120-$180. And it obviously doesn’t take 12 hours. Lawn-mowing is $40 but I’ve heard urban myths about somebody somewhere getting it done for $30. It’s a 20-minute job, not a 3-hour one. Handyman work is $40 per hour or $35 if the guy really likes you.

Mind you, I think this is great. Workers should not be exploited and should be able to make a decent living. But it gives you a little glimpse into why our ideological betters are so into bringing in undocumented immigrants.


33 thoughts on “Price of Housework”

  1. You can get your lawn mowed for cheaper around here if there’s a kid walking around looking to make money. But yeah, you’re not getting most of those tasks done for $10 an hour; I’d have to be pretty desperate to consider it considering there’s easier jobs with the same pay.

    The attitude of entitlement is amazing. How dare I have to do my own housework, unassisted by an app or hired help? It’s an injustice!


    1. I don’t clean. I realized many years ago that I shouldn’t even try. As we say in my culture, my hands grow straight out of my ass. The floors look cleaner if I don’t try to wash them. But I admire people who can do it well.


      1. The difference is you are willing to pay what it’s worth, instead of not being able/willing to pay anything and being indignant about it. There’s nothing wrong with paying for housework, it’s just not something the world owes to you. If someone is truly poor, they have bigger issues than having to do their own housework. If they have some money and have chosen to spend it elsewhere, that was their choice.


      2. Like, I don’t have the money to pay people to do housework, but it would never occur to me to be angry or resentful about it. It just seems odd to me.


  2. Aw, look, Clarissa is talking nonsense about things she knows nothing about again. Must be a day ending in Y.

    It’s sweet that you’re reading my blog, dumpling. But why don’t you go back to watching Fox News? That’s really more your speed.


      1. My post — the one you quoted from, without attribution? Which I assume you know is plagiarism, but as we have seen you know nothing about how to evaluate or use sources — that post was about how people like you, in the top 5% of income levels, are entirely out of touch with most of America.

        Thanks for proving my point.


        1. Ah, you are upset I didn’t link! I get it. You should have just said so. I apologise for that. People usually just google if they want the source. Feel free to leave the link!


          1. No, I’m not “upset” that you didn’t link it. I’m only point out how shoddy your intellectual habits are.

            I’m also pointing out that — as usual — you don’t know what you’re talking about. That never bothered you before, though, and I don’t expect it will bother you now.


            1. You said yourself that you don’t pay for this kind of work. I do. So I do know more than you on the subject.

              I still don’t get what merits all this anger. As I said, I’m sorry I didn’t provide a link. Your reaction seems really over the top for this kind of subject.


  3. I’m not angry, Clarissa. That’s your misreading of what I’ve written. (Misreading texts is your specialty, isn’t it?)

    You are also misrepresenting what my post says. (Another specialty of yours.)

    As I noted in the post, I can’t afford to hire anyone to clean my house or mow my lawn or rake my leaves. I mow my own lawn, which I will point out is not, in fact, a 20 minute job. (Pontificating on something you know nothing about — another of your hobbies!)

    But in my neighborhood, people knock on my door two or three times a month, looking for work. And at our local library, the bulletin boards are always filled with handwritten ads from people willing to clean people’s houses.

    So yes. Unlike you, I do know what working class people charge for work like this. That’s because I live among and have friends who are working class.

    As I said at the start, you don’t know what you’re talking about. But that never stopped you before, and I don’t suppose it will this time either.


    1. If that’s your regular, peaceful manner of engagement with strangers, you’ve got bigger problems than paying for lawn-mowing. Seriously, it’s kind of creepy how you blow up over nothing.


      1. You realize this was how I first became aware of your blog, right? You misread something I wrote, just as you did here, and insinuated I had mental problems when I attempted to correct you.

        You’ve done the same thing several times since. Not just to me — I’ve seen you do it to dozens of other people. I used to think it was an accident, that maybe you were just that bad at reading sources. But I don’t think that’s true. I think you like lying about people. I think you like calling people “creepy” and “freaks.”

        No wonder you like Fox News so much. They’re your kind of people.


        1. I honestly have no idea who you are but keeping a grudge for God knows how long about something as trivial as a blog post is definitely weird. Over the years, people have dedicated posts, Reddit threads, and actual pages to me. But I forgot who they were a couple of days after it happened. I’m sorry but I do find your reaction to be very strange.


  4. “That post was about how people like you, in the top 5% of income levels, are entirely out of touch with most of America.”

    Well, my income level is in the top 1% of Americans of any age, and Clarissa is very accurate about the cost of house cleaning and yard care. Here in Arizona, almost two thousand miles from Illinois, I pay my maid service a bit over $150 per cleaning, and my yardsman charges $35 to cut what passes for my desert lawn, along with all the thirsty plants that grow almost a foot between his weekly visits.

    Throw a stone out your front door and try to hit an illegal alien who’ll do anything for ten bucks! Doesn’t work, even out here. Yesterday I asked the old Mexican who’s cut the six trees on my property for the past ten years what he wants this year. He said I paid him $500 last year. I told him I only have 490 bucks in the house. He said, “Fine, don’t bother with a check for the other $10.”


    1. Exactly. It’s what the work costs. Anybody who tries actually hiring will find this out.

      Why this is such a fraught issue, I have no idea. It’s work and work should be compensated.


    2. “…try to hit an illegal alien who’ll do anything for ten bucks”

      The only one who claimed this was about immigrants, “illegal” or otherwise, is Clarissa. As I noted, she makes a habit of lying about what sources say. (Well, I said “misrepresenting,” but since she’s admitted she’s straight-up lying, I might as well call it what it is.)

      As for what you pay your maids, didn’t you say in your previous comment that it was “entitled” to pay people to do your housework?


      1. It’s a different commenter. They have a 50 year difference in age and a huge difference in geography and sexual orientation.

        I’m starting to suspect you are confusing me with somebody else, too.


  5. “Why this is such a fraught issue, I have no idea. It’s work and work should be compensated.”

    Stop lying, Clarissa. Nothing in my post or in my comments about your post has been “fraught” about whether people should be paid fairly for the work they do.

    My only point is the same one I keep making. You misrepresented what my blog post said. You did that intentionally. You intentionally misrepresent most of your sources. And then if anyone points out that you’re lying, you go straight to insults.


    1. See? You getting riled up again and just when you were starting to calm down.

      Just think about it. How can I misrepresent a copy-pasted quote? The copy-pasted stuff is yours. The rest is my reaction to the quote. There’s no space for misrepresentation of anything.


      1. “How can I misrepresent a copy-pasted quot[ation]?”

        By lying about the rest of the post. By pretending it was a post about hiring immigrants, instead of the post it was.

        By claiming this is about entitlement (“our ideological betters”) instead of exactly the opposite.

        But go on. Pretend you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Maybe I’ll start to believe you really are that bad at reading sources.


        1. I never said your post was about immigrants. That would be insane because it isn’t. I have no idea why you decided that “our ideological betters” was a reference to you. If I said, “our ideological betters, one of whom authored the quote”, that would be about you. Do you see the difference?

          I have no idea what your ideology is. Not that it would matter because you don’t belong to the group that makes policy. And neither do I.


  6. “Over the years, people have dedicated posts, Reddit threads, and actual pages to me.”

    I’m sure they’re all just “freaks,” “weirdos,” and “creeps,” though. It can’t be anything you’re doing wrong.


    1. Unlike you, they all moved on in the end.

      If you have an online presence, there will be people over the years who will disagree. It doesn’t mean anybody is right or wrong. It means people disagree. Not being able to accept that simple fact and reacting to it with great intensity is where problems begin.


  7. You’re the one who came and took a quotation from my blog and lied about it, dumpling.

    Not the other way around.


    1. I’m sure I’m also the one tracking your income and TV viewing habits and nursing grudges about what you quoted sometime in the past. That was all me. You are very persecuted by me right now.


      1. It was all you. You’re right!

        I’m glad you finally admitted it. Such honesty is rare must have been a difficult step for you.

        But don’t worry. I don’t feel persecuted. As you note, you don’t make policy, and you have no power in the world. Your lying stems from just that, I suspect. You’re like a spoiled child telling lies about the grown-ups in the hopes that they will give you attention, any attention, however negative.

        My mistake was in responding to your lies — you’re right about that too!

        Won’t happen again. Carry on with your silly little hobby.


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