Netanyahu unveiled a sign at the proposed site of the settlement on Sunday bearing the name “Trump Heights,” and thanked the US President for breaking with the international community to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the region.

Hey, I got an idea. Why not just rename Jerusalem into Trumpusalem and be done with it Already?


I honestly don’t get the drama of being rejected by Harvard. I was rejected by Harvard but accepted by Yale, Brown, Cornell… If you are really good, somebody will want you.

What is really weird is that Harvard’s acceptance rate is 4%, yet two guys from a school that isn’t an elite prep get accepted in the same year.

It’s also weird that the Parkland kids seem to have no parents around to advise them on the right course of action. Kashuv is doing everything to ensure nobody will ever admit him. If my kid found herself in this situation (and she won’t because a child who thinks it’s ok to use the n-word in any context is an absolute personal end of the world for me), the first thing I’d do is destroy her smartphone.

As David Hogg said in Michael Moore’s movie, “our parents didn’t raise us. Our smartphones did.” So in a difficult moment, Kashuv goes to Twitter and not to a trusted adult. It’s really sad. A caring, involved adult would tell him to stay off social media, avoid drawing attention to the rescinded offer, not apply anywhere for a few years, work, save, mature, read, delete the Twitter account, and in five years or so apply to a good public school. Life is long and it makes no sense to fuck it up at 17 to serve somebody else’s political agenda.

As for Harvard, I’m not a huge fan of their admission policies (see above) but I get why they rescinded the admission. They accepted him and Hogg for PR reasons. If the two boys can bring good PR, why keep them around?

Seventeen is still very, very young. People need their parents at this age. Sadly, Kashuv’s parents seem completely MIA.

Unimpeachable Legacy

For most of Biden’s Democratic rivals, they’ve treated one part of his record as taboo to criticize: His years in the Obama White House… “It’s going to be challenging for progressives to attack that legacy,” said Yvette Simpson, chief executive of the progressive political action committee Democracy for America. “Because Obama not only is and was so popular, but people are very nostalgic for that time, particularly after a few years of Trump.”

Really, though? Obama was super smart, classy, attractive, an amazing speaker but that’s all that matters in a class president, not a country’s president. In terms of policy, he was hawkish, neoliberal, the economy stank, Obamacare was a mess. What’s so great about his legacy other than the speeches? What are people so nostalgic for? The drones? The invasions? The mishandling of the financial crisis?


From June 9-12, Fox News commissioned pollsters Beacon Research (D) and Shaw & Company (R) to survey 1,001 representative Americans; the poll concluded that if the election were called today, Sanders would beat Trump by 9 points, 49%-40%, as would Biden; Warren would beat him 43%-41%; Harris would beat him 42%-41%; and Buttigieg would beat him 41%-40%.

Great! But I remember vividly how polls predicted Hillary winning in a landslide on election night. I still shudder when I hear the word “polls” I’m so traumatized.

For now, it does look good for our side but that’s only because Trump is failing to fulfill his campaign promises. If he closes the Mexican border and drops gas prices to under two bucks two weeks before the election, we’ll be in trouble.

More Bright Side

One good thing about the destruction of blogging and the removal of all online discussions to social media was the disappearance of trolls. There used to be so many and then they all evaporated.

I’m seeing a mini-resurgence of trolls in the past couple of weeks but I’m hoping it’s a blip. The real crazies are all on Twitter and whatever the new fad is. Instagram?

Bright Side

If Trump starts a war with Iran, it’s going to be horrible. We are all against that, I hope. But on the positive side, he’ll make himself so unelectable that even the current crop of Democrat candidates won’t be able to lose to him.

P.S. Sense of humor is in short supply these days, so to be completely clear: I’m totally and completely opposed to the war. Or any war. I’d much rather Trump lost without it.