Bright Side

If Trump starts a war with Iran, it’s going to be horrible. We are all against that, I hope. But on the positive side, he’ll make himself so unelectable that even the current crop of Democrat candidates won’t be able to lose to him.

P.S. Sense of humor is in short supply these days, so to be completely clear: I’m totally and completely opposed to the war. Or any war. I’d much rather Trump lost without it.

5 thoughts on “Bright Side”

  1. I had this same thought when the latest business about Iran hit the news last week. I was hopeful that the knowledge that it would be certain political suicide would restrain Trump from starting anything there.

    I’m deeply pessimistic about US politics right now and have been resigned to the fact that Trump has pretty comfortable odds of being reelected, thanks to the grotesque state of the left at this time. But one thing he could do to pretty much guarantee losing would be to start another d*mn war.


    1. I also hope he’d stay away from any military engagement. It’s really the last thing the world needs right now. But I don’t know how much capacity he has to withstand these warmongers he surrounded himself with.


          1. Maybe I meant Saudis and their coalition… Maybe I meant Israelis… Could be even the Russians or the Chinese (less likely, as they are oil importers), trying to guide the US into a war that would be very hard on the US. But of course the US hawks could come up with this stuff also totally on their own.
            My main point was that Iran is relatively low on the list of the countries wishing to have a war over there.


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