I honestly don’t get the drama of being rejected by Harvard. I was rejected by Harvard but accepted by Yale, Brown, Cornell… If you are really good, somebody will want you.

What is really weird is that Harvard’s acceptance rate is 4%, yet two guys from a school that isn’t an elite prep get accepted in the same year.

It’s also weird that the Parkland kids seem to have no parents around to advise them on the right course of action. Kashuv is doing everything to ensure nobody will ever admit him. If my kid found herself in this situation (and she won’t because a child who thinks it’s ok to use the n-word in any context is an absolute personal end of the world for me), the first thing I’d do is destroy her smartphone.

As David Hogg said in Michael Moore’s movie, “our parents didn’t raise us. Our smartphones did.” So in a difficult moment, Kashuv goes to Twitter and not to a trusted adult. It’s really sad. A caring, involved adult would tell him to stay off social media, avoid drawing attention to the rescinded offer, not apply anywhere for a few years, work, save, mature, read, delete the Twitter account, and in five years or so apply to a good public school. Life is long and it makes no sense to fuck it up at 17 to serve somebody else’s political agenda.

As for Harvard, I’m not a huge fan of their admission policies (see above) but I get why they rescinded the admission. They accepted him and Hogg for PR reasons. If the two boys can bring good PR, why keep them around?

Seventeen is still very, very young. People need their parents at this age. Sadly, Kashuv’s parents seem completely MIA.

10 thoughts on “Kashuv”

  1. \ in five years or so apply to a good public school.

    In FIVE years?!! Are you serious? Should he wash floors at the local supermarket meanwhile? Five years is a very long time in a human life.

    Why not this year? Will no good public school receive a talented student because of a long-ago slur?

    I am sure universities would have to let go half of their football teams, if one slur years ago meant expulsion.

    When my mother went to university entrance exams (and in FSU could apply only to a single university, not many like in America), my grandmother told her she would go to work in a factory for a year in case of failure and try again next year. My mother told me recently the story of her entrance exams and how she perceived going to a factory like going to jail. I understand her.


    1. First of all, I’m not sure what his talent is supposed to be other than being from a school where a mass shooting occurred.

      In five years, he’ll be only 22. I’m not seeing anything tragic in working, coming in touch with real life.


      1. I also need to mention that I dropped out of my first college, worked for a year and went to the next college. Dropped that one and then finally went to the college that worked for me at the age of 23. So I’m pretty much recommending what I did myself (and in a much, much harsher economy).

        I did go to an Ivy League school in the end and on my own merit, not on the fact that I was a Twitter celebrity.


    1. He’s the one who’s making this whole thing public. He’s creating an image of himself as “the n-word guy” that now will take forever to wash off. Which school is going to want him now?


  2. That long-ago slur was a few years ago, not a decade or half-a-century. I’m not interested is racists having a great career. He can start at a community college, for heavens’ sake.


    1. I think it was more like a year ago. And his reaction right now is showing that he hasn’t had time to mature since then.

      I rarely defend an institution like Harvard but in this case, I fail to see why they are supposed to want him. That he doesn’t understand this shows that he’s not ready for a community college either.


    2. To be honest, the Parkland kids could all use a gap year (a luxury most high school seniors do not have ). They need an opportunity for their trauma not to be the most salient thing about them or for random strangers not to gloat about their college admissions..


      1. I couldn’t agree more. I think I heard that David Hogg decided to take a gap year. If true, it’s a great decision. These are traumatized kids and they need some peace and obscurity for a while.


  3. ” she won’t because a child who thinks it’s ok to use the n-word in any context is an absolute personal end of the world for me”

    The more taboo and parent-triggering a word or behavior is…. the more attractive and irresistible it will be for teenagers…


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